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  1. Nice! glad you were able to solve your problem. The fans solved our problem, we just made them more aggressive. JUST got done with a 2 and a half hour gaming session and having the fans at 90% was enough to prevent it from bugging out again. I might check his thermal paste on his GPU next time I see him in person as well though, since the temperatures are still off, we just set the fans more aggressive.
  2. Try just ramping the fan speed up manually too 100% like we did and see if that fixes it. We haven't had a chance to check for sure yet, but it would be worth a shot. If that does work, we plan to just make a very agressive fan curve, where we get to 100% when it reaches 60 degrees in our case, probably 50 in yours
  3. UPDATE (POSSIBLY SOLVED): Ok so we got rid of the Aorus Engine software for his graphics card and got MSI Afterburner instead. Manually took the fans to 100% once it started happening again, and his frames started going back up again. So the temperature sensor in his graphics card must be off by 15 degrees or something, because my friend said he never heard his GPU fans before we manually put them at 100%. We were able to play another 20 min without it bogging down again (we got off, not because of performance, but because we had other things to do). I'll update this comment the next time we play to let you know for sure.
  4. Update again, even on low graphics, it's dropping slowly to 30 again.
  5. OK, so Update. He can run the game, max graphics 1440 for about an hour, then it behaves as described before. Downgrading the graphics to low brings him to 55-60 fps (not quite the fps he had before, and not nearly the graphics, but better than the 30 before). So why when it's not showing it at 100% use during his max setting, nore getting above 70 degrees does it need to be lowerd to low graphics? We have uninstalled an reinstalled the drivers several times, temperature and load are showing low. any ideas?
  6. that sounds just like what he describes
  7. so I just asked him, the SSD is a "sc3 apotop", and the PSU is a "High Power 700w 80+"
  8. If it is an old windows problem, would the windows repair I have him running fix it?
  9. His ram usage is usually not above 10gb of his 16. My friend has the same case as me "Phantex Enthoo Evolv". Ill ask him what PSU he has, not sure on that one. His motherboard is an ASUS X99-a. Ill have to ask what SSD as well, not sure on that one
  10. So I play with a friend who has a 5820k OC to 3.8 (very light OC), 1080ti, 16gb ddr4 ram, SSD. So we can play games for about an hour to an hour and a half, then suddenly his frames drop to 30fps from 75+. It doesn't matter what game it is. His Graphics card driver is up to date We just updated his BIOS (which helped a little, it used to drop to 30 faster) His graphics card is only at 70% use and 64 degrees His CPU is generally at mid 80% use and only 54 degrees (including individual cores max temp) I have him running a repair on windows, but I'm running out of ideas on what it could be, His system isn't taxed, it isn't a specific game, so not software. Any ideas?
  11. His current rig is 16gb ram and a 4 core 3.0ghz cpu and he says his computer often bogs down easily and takes forever to render. He works in 4k and uses several layers in his stop motion, so I'm afraid whatever program you looked up isn't as intensive as what he uses. The work load would be similar to using premiere in 4k, with several layers/filters/ect.
  12. So many views, no replies Can't tell if it's a dumb question (and I just don't know that) with a clickbaity title or if no one feels confident answering it
  13. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it I'm building a PC for my friend who does stop motion and music. Right now I'm at the limits of his budget and I have two routs I can go. For what he does, would be it more beneficial to run a 3700x with 64gb of RAM or 3900x with 32gb of RAM (The rest of the specs are a Noctua NH-D12, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge motherbaord, 970 evo 500gb M.2, Seagate Barracuda 2TB, Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super)