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  1. It hasn’t been released yet, and the manufacturer doesn’t allow me to reveal many things. I can't disclose the back of the GPU core either.
  2. Bilibili:结城安穗-YuuKi_AnS YuuKi-AnS 结城安穗 (China) NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU NVIDIA RTX3090 GPU 3×8pin power supply, 12-phase power supply, 24GB video memory (12 particles on both sides) PCIe x16 A manufacturer’s top non-public card OEM RTX 3090 ES EngineeringSample Because of confidentiality, I will not release the complete picture, and I don't want to lose my job.
  3. I know, my English is not good, so...Some guys may have some opinion.
  4. Hey guys, did you seen this fake GPU(xe)? Some days ago, I get a Xeon Phi Co-processor on XianYu (Like ebay), when I get it and open its cover, I was so surprised, here are its pictures. (I know Xeon Phi is not GPU) Its core is same as Intel Xeon Phi x200 family CPU. But its BGA. This Xeon Phi has a PLX:PEX8733 and intel chipset C612J. It has a MicroUSB to test. I don't know why, intel often make some so strange EngineeringSample like this. AIDA64: CPU World: This is my video link:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1za4y1a7rj/ Bilibili:結城安穗-YuuKi_AnS (My English is not good, may have some mistakes)
  5. Hey, guy. Is there any BIOS data in the BIOS Flash on your Larrabee? Can you give me a copy of the BIOS Data?
  6. I just install MPSS 3.8.6 just normal installation.
  7. He seems to be the 3647 processor, but rather the 3647 processor. Just a little bit bigger. This is LGA4189-4 IceLake Xeon. But I don't know it has how many core.
  8. No, I use the CPU Graphics to output
  9. What is this CPU?? Another CPU look like intel Atom P5962B, the 10nm cpu? (Do you know how to use it?)
  10. No, just installed MPSS.
  11. BILIBILI:https://space.bilibili.com/66644159



  12. Another GPU is AMD Vega64 early EngineeringSample
  13. Some days ago, I ask Linus to borrow his Larrabee GPU. Now I got some news. I test 4 hours, and made Larrabee can work. Although it just show 'Microsoft display adapter' in the Windows(Because I also doesn't have drive) . But, other player's Larrabee just shows 'Unkonw device' in the Windows System. But this Larrabee can show 'Microsoft display adapter', it can be recognized as a graphics card in the Windows System!! This Larrabee may be the only other player in the world that can be recognized as a graphics card. (By the way, it is work ,but its buzzer will always sound, like '—.—' one long one short one long. [My test motherboard:Gigabyte-Z78X-UD5H(But you also need put HDMI or DP in motherboard, Larrabee can't used alone like P106 GPU)] Bilibili:结城安穗(YuuKi-AnS) Bilibili Link:https://space.bilibili.com/66644159
  14. My Client's version is too old?? hmmm...But Chinese user maybe can't update new client.
  15. original → China Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av77252786/ intel Optane intel Optane DataCenter Persistent Memory Module,DCPMM Is a RAM or SSD? It maybe a SSD.Just on the DIMM socket. You can use it with just on CascadeLake CPU.(2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor - LGA3647) intel say it can help enterprise to save lots of money. But I also think it is many expensive. (Just expensive in China,256GB 30000CNY,Maybe in other countries it is so cheap) I have one Engineering Sample(ES) and one Pass Sample(QS) DCPMM 【Blue PCB is Engineering Sample(ES) / Green PCB is Pass Sample(QS)】 A: B: Pass Sample(QS)relative to Engineering Sample(ES)is doing more modify. Flash particles,Location of parts,capacitance and powered by. In China this is them's price: Engineering Sample(ES) 1250CNY = 178USD Pass Sample(QS) 2200CNY = 315USD Formal edition 4699CNY = 671USD Most people will to chooes QS. Because,it is so cheap and same of Formal edition. (If like cpu we need look stepping to chooes,low stepping maybe also have some bug) Engineering Sample's need two same ES DCPMM can use it,one is not,ES is not have AD(AppDirect) module. Pass Sample(QS) is same of Formal edition'DCPMM just have one, you also can use it. If you are windows system, you need to use ipmctl. If you want to use MM(Memory Mode) module, you need DDR4 Ram to mix use with DCPMM. Best degree of mixing is 1/4. Like 32GB DDR4 with 128GB DCPMM. Two 256GB DCPMM use on AD and use RAID0, it will have so~fast reading speed with 101GB/s. This is DCPMM's flash particles,but I don't know what meaning about it. QS is 29P16B1DLDNF2-183417-QX7E1 ES is 29P16B1BLDNF2-171012-NFDD intel callout year on DCPMM’s PCB QS is 2017 © intel Corporation ES is 2016 © intel Corporation But DCPMM is release on 2019 ,the same time with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor. Author: Yuuki-AnS https://www.bilibili.com/video/av77252786/ Source: bilibili
  16. When I know the CPU.I also think,what is it?EPYC??
  17. About Chinese CPU "中科海光 Hygon" 1. Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av92169203/ (2-Test) 2. Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av87233017/ (1) 3.Baidu:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6479552739 4.weibo:https://www.weibo.com/u/6664614322 This article is I post on chinese forum,if you can see the chinese,you may can know the cpu article better. (Because my English is so~~ bad.) Hygon is made of AMD's "zen" architecture When AMD is facing bankruptcy,they sell the "zen" architecture for 300 million(I forget is CNY or USD) This CPU is look very like with AMD EPYC,also Hygon is in Socket LGA4094(SP3),same of the EPYC. I have a Hygon Dhyana C86 7151 CPU(x86),it has 2.0GHz 16Core/32Threads TDP:150W 32MB L3 It likes EPYC 7281,right? It made of GlobalFoundries(2019) 14nm ZEN (On 2020,it will made of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) There have some text on the cover : On the left it meaning Made in China and Designed in China ChengDu On the right it meaning "Calculation the future with chip" Simply put,Hygon is a EPYC,just replace the cover ,modify the BIOS and add the chinese encryption and decryption module in it But HYGON is not exactly EPYC,they add the chinese encryption and decryption module in it. And chinese encryption and decryption module get the ON.1 in global encryption and decryption testing. It can support Windows Server / Linux and lots of system,But it can't support Windows 10 well.Maybe have some BUG On the 2019 COMPUTEX Taipei ,HYGON can use in Tyan S8026.So HYGON is not doing too many modify.It can use in SP3 Motherboard。(x399 maybe can't) HYGON's quantity and type is so less. ↓ ↓ ↓ HYGON 3165 (??GHz 6C/12T ?MB L3)= Ryzen 1600 HYGON 3185 (3.4GHz 8C/16T 8MB L3)= Ryzen 1700 HYGON 5130(I forget this) HYGON 7151 (2.0GHz 16C/32T 32MB L3)= EPYC 7281 HYGON 7155 (2.2GHz 16C/32T 32MB L3)= EPYC 7281 HYGON 7185 (2.0GHz 32C/64T 64MB L3)= EPYC 7601 【 HYGON 3000 = RYZEN(BGA) / HYGON 7000 = EPYC(LGA) 】 Author: Yuuki-AnS 1. Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av92169203/ (2-Test) 2. Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av87233017/ (1) Source: bilibili
  18. original → China Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4943368 This article is I post on chinese forum if you can see the chinese you may can know the cpu article better. Because my English is so~~ bad. About soma CPU,i know some things about it. 1. "SoMa" is made of intel 2. "SoMa"maybe is a neural computing CPU 3. "SoMa"is can be use,but we don't know what mother board can use it.Ordinary motherboard can't use it 4. "SoMa"has two version. "SoMa" and "SoMa-B3" 5. "SoMa"maybe is a EngSample For "intel Loihi CPU" (SoMa is LGA but Loihi is BGA) 6. "SoMa"is a AI CPU 7. "SoMa"is not a ordinary CPU ( ↓ Google translation ↓ )【I made some modifications about Google Translate】 Here to talk about Intel Loihi CPU Loihi is a member of Intel's Neural Mimic Processor and is the fifth generation of neural mimic processors. Intel once released a neural mimic system (neural computing cluster) codenamed Pohoki Beach. This computing cluster contains 64 Loihi neural processors with an area of only about 38.4 cm². This system has more than 8 million neural units and more than 8 billion bumps. At the same time, a single Loihi processor uses a heterogeneous design with 128 Neuromorphic Cores and 3 low-power X86 cores, with 130,000 neural units and 130 million synapses. The Loihi neural processor can be expanded to 16384 Loihi at the same time, and there will be about 2.12992 billion neural units (the human brain has about 86 billion). If 40 groups of 16,384 Loihi interconnected systems are made, the neural computing unit will be close to the number of human brains. I haven't found this Loihi processor on eBay / Amazon / Taobao / Xianyu, including Pohoki Beach's neural computing system. It will not be cheaper than a car anyway, after all, it is a professional field device. (Note: He is not an FPGA chip, but only contains FPGA functions.) In addition, there is a full explanation of why SoMa has no capacitors: during deep learning tests, its power consumption is more than 100 times lower than that of ordinary processors. The power consumption of bit-based IoT inference hardware is also 5 times lower. Real-time performance can still be maintained after the network scale is expanded 50 times, and the power consumption is only 30% higher than the original. Even more frightening is that under the 1% occupancy rate of this processor, the power consumption is only tens of milliwatts. Therefore, SoMa's power consumption is naturally not too high. Neural mimicry cluster system on Pohoki Beach A system consists of 4 daughter boards and 1 mother board. Each daughter board has 16 Loihi processors. The heat sink above is actually a capacitor. Each daughter board needs a 6pin power supply. One motherboard can connect 4 daughter boards at the same time, and the daughter boards can be stacked. The main processor is still on the mother board. Below the small blue heat sink is the main processor, which looks like a relatively large power intel Atom. The motherboard should have SFP + on it and support 10GE network.Neural mimicry cluster system on Pohoki Beach’s motherboard have a text"intel Labs".So maybe we can't get the motherboard on Bay / Amazon / Taobao / Xianyu(https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/research/neuromorphic-computing.html) Well, the mystery about the SoMa processor has also been solved. The SoMa processor is actually a product of the Intel Neural Mimicry Project. But it also seems to be a test product. As for why it is 100,000, everyone should also see above. This is a cluster computing system, just like a 16-way platinum 8280 server. Most people will not use these things when they come into contact with them,also don't know how to use. SoMa translates the meaning of the brain nerve, which is in line with Intel's neural calculations, and also proves the validity of this conclusion. About SoMa-B3, B3 may refer to the revision code. Author: Yuuki-AnS https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4943368 Source: bilibili
  19. 总而言之他可能是个神经计算处理器,而且他的名字soma的翻译应该也能够证实这一点了
  20. This is my article, you can to watch, maybe it can help you. Bilibili:https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4943368 You are in china so you may can see this article. 这个是我自己写的一篇文章,它可能会帮助到你,你应该也是在中国国内的吧,应该可以正常访问b站,不受防火墙限制。