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  1. All accounts have linked to one number is safe?
  2. Yeh yeh, I know that is harmful to the battery. I am asking about motherboard, RAM, Hard drive and other hardware.
  3. ForceBindIP tutorials show it can bind with a specific adapter. Also, they show two browsers with dual ISP and dual public IPs. A lot of videos have youtube about this. I want software like this. Because ForceBindIP not working on my laptop.
  4. Whats about the ForceBindIP program? That works on many computers
  5. Don't use iso file for that. Commonly iso files are using to fresh installations of Windows. Use the update tools. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  6. I know. I asked this question for a third party software
  7. I have two connections. Ethernet connection and another wifi connection. I want to separately bind them to two internet browsers.
  8. Use VM is not a useful solution for my problem My laptop has 4GB RAM. That's not enough with vm for my work.
  9. Yep. That's fine. But I want to do this on a 4GB ram laptop. VM is using high ram usage.
  10. No. That not give an error. It working on cmd. After my command, the software opened automatically. But nothing changed. The browser still working on the default network adapter.
  11. I used 1.32 version. I tried both of 32bit version and 64bit version
  12. So let's say I have multiple network cards, each of them connected to a different router & ISP. How can i force an app to use a specific connection? when i enable all the connections in windows 10, all the apps will be connected to the first one enabled. Is there any software that does this? or maybe a batch file? I had tried ForceBindIP tool. But that doesn't work on my laptop.