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  • Birthday 1990-08-07

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    I said I cant tell you
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    Tech stuff obviously


  • CPU
    i5 4690k @ 4.5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Maximus 7
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb
  • GPU
    GTX 750 ti soon to be GTX 970 (hopefully sli)
  • Case
    fractal design r4
  • Storage
    1tb seagate HDD, 120gb hyperX SSD
  • PSU
    corsair 650 gold modular
  • Display(s)
    asus 23 inch, acer 23 inch
  • Cooling
    corsair h100i
  • Keyboard
    corsair k70 red switch
  • Mouse
    razor deathadder
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    windows 8.1 x64

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  1. http://www.newegg.ca/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=ShellShocker-_-20-167-190-_-11212014_2 i think its a sick deal
  2. ahh I see, the SP120's should be quieter though right?
  3. Running 4.3 ghz at usually 45 idle and on prime95 I was getting up to the 80Cs around an hour in.
  4. I live in canada and I did purchase the h100i, it was on sale lol, but for mounting I had no problems
  5. was wondering about anyones thoughts on these fans instead of the basic ones that come with the h100i, will it work well? too loud? controlling the fans ok? those kinda questions I have. Thanks!
  6. So I decided to overclock my CPU to 4.3GHz at 1.150v (all I did was set clock, set power to adaptive and manually set voltage to the 1.150 p.s kinda a overclocking nub), my temps 1 hour in on prime 95 are core 0 - 56C core 1 - 58C core 2 - 52C core 3 - 49C package - 58 - 60 C and at times during Prime, the temps kicked up to : core 0 - 80C core 1 - 78C core 2 - 76C core 3 - 68C package - 76C then back down to the previous listed temps. I use the h100i as cooling, with 5 fans 3 of which are case, setup is 2 140mm are pull, back 140mm fan and h100i fans are set to push. The issue is this seems extremely high to me, and I am deciding whether its my h100i being poopy or I need to reapply thermal paste, or even having to clock down, but I dont know what it is! halp system specs i5 4690k asus maximus 7 G. Skill ripjaws X series 8gb corsair h100i corsair rm series 650W modular gold+ hyperX SSD 120gb harddrive 1TB fractal r4
  7. congrats haha whats your steam name so I can add you?
  8. i bought serious sam 3: BFE on steam since i saw it was 90% and off bought it, only to see that the whole bundle of serious sam games was originally 99.99 but now 9.99 and freaked out and bought both lol so now im stuck with the serious sam 3: BFE and serious sam 3 : BFE bonus pack, so FIRST PERSON WHO COMMENTS GETS THIS GAME WOO just also put your steam name and ill add you up and give you it! good luck!
  9. pretty much my tools consist of a plasma cutter, iron-worker, shearer, hydraulic bending machine, pretty much things to make clean bends and cuts if I wanna use steel, or if I use plastic I mean I have other things, and my material is all free from where I work
  10. guess i kinda left out the size eh, ahaha but i was thinking of doing just an ATX build
  11. so I have been pondering over what cases to get, not liking something about the case, or seeing a case I like, ordering it, then seeing an even better case (frustrating ugh) so I've been thinking, how about making a custom case? Now I have a lot of tools to my disposal, and materials are not an issue. I've seen a lot of computers put in there desks, and that looks pretty cool, but I've been wanting to do something different but I am not sure what. I am probably gonna think about it more, but little ideas from other people could help shape maybe one of the coolest cases ever.