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  1. Of course not, don't be sorry. Thanks for this idea too, I'll test it out and report back asap.
  2. Okay so I took your advice and undervolted my CPU to 1.2v with an offset of 0.1v and overclocked it to 3.9GHz. I'm now seeing temperatures come down to about 77-78 max and it is pretty stable here. I don't understand LLC much, so I don't want to fidget with something I don't know at the back of my hand, so I think I'll avoid that and should I get the voltage down a little more??
  3. Hey man. So I have set VDDCR CPU Voltage to 1.1 with an offset of 0.05 and it seems to be stable, but when running Cinebench R20, the individual cores are eating up about 1.4v, in multi threaded about 1.3v, single threaded about 1.35v. When running multi-threaded cinebench test, my temps are going upto 83° and on single core, 65°. One more thing, my RAM was also set to 1.35v by the OC Tuner which now I have set to 1.34v.
  4. In that case, i definitely need an aftermarket cooler.
  5. Tried that already. But my chip boosts only upto 3.84 on all cores. I'm not being able to achieve 4.2 even on any one of those cores.
  6. Well surprisingly, the core voltage out of the box was at 1.42v whereas the auto overclock set it to 1.35v
  7. Can you recommend me one? I stay in India btw and will adding two more case fans do any good (currently I'm using the two fans that came with my case, one in the front and one exhaust)?
  8. So I was thinking of adding two more fans to my case since I'm using just one exhaust fan and one RGB fan which were included with the case. Will that help in anyway? Oh and yes, the stock voltage which came out of the box was set to 1.42v whereas the OC Tuner set it down to 1.35v
  9. Hey guys. So i recently built my own gaming rig and I have the Asus Tuf B450 Plus Gaming Motherboard, Ryzen 5 3600,16 gigs of ram and an RTX 2060 enclosed in the CM K501L case. I performed an overclock on my processor from 3.6 to 3.95 GHz using the OC Tuner option provided in the bios of my motherboard. I have seen a performance bump though, but my temperatures are higher than before, almost hitting 85° by the end of a single Cinebench R20 benchmark. Any recommendations on how I can get the temps in check??