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  1. Hey everyone. I wanted to ask you that if a power supply gets damaged by lightning, how long does cooler master take to replace it? I'm not here to discuss whether it's in warranty or not. Just want to know how long they take to get it done. I live in Mumbai, India. Thank you.
  2. I fixed the issue by removing the ram and re-attaching them and I still don't understand what the in the world wasn't working. But, I still don't understand why I can't boot into the bios with my SSD (gigabyte 120gb with windows 10) and HDD attached? Although I can boot into Windows fine. I don't know how I thought my ram slot died, but now it's not dead. Any idea how all this may have happened? And any idea on the bios thingy (starting up without hdd and SSD)
  3. I'm using the 550W MWE White. And how am I suppose to remove everything since all the cables are tied together with zip ties? One of my friends while assisting me in building it did a pretty good job at cable management.
  4. Checked all the cables and they are secured well, and there is no wire touching the back of my motherboard. It's not showing anything when I detatched my SSD and HDD too. They both are secured too. It actually booted once in between, but for some reason my USB ports were not working. My controller light wasn't lighting up when I connected it through USB and my mouse and keyboard weren't working either.
  5. Hey guys. So my back panel (the one which hides all the cables) wasn't attached properly, so I removed and placed it correctly by moving a few cables here and there. The moment I put it back on, it wouldn't boot and there is no display output either. Everything seems to be working fine since all the fans and motherboard lights are working fine. I don't know what is causing this issue since I haven't even done anything wrong. I would appreciate your help. My rig: Mobo: Asus Tuf B450 Plus Gaming CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Case: Cooler Master K501L Graphics: Zotac RTX 2060
  6. Fixed it. But I don't understand what the problem was. Anyways, thanks for all your help once again.
  7. Previously, when I tried to do so without formatting my SSD, it didn't work. I think I haven't installed a genuine version of windows 10 on my SSD, maybe that's why. I'll try installing it again. It did show me though that my version is not genuine.
  8. This time it started, but only after I removed my SSD on which I installed windows (HDD is still connected).
  9. Not at all. I just copied the EFI folder in the 200mb partition of my hard drive, and that too I deleted later. I'm pretty sure it didn't have any BIOS files in it. I also tried changing the sata ports to where my drives are connected, still no luck.
  10. I tried doing so, delete my entire SSD along with all partitions and did the same on my HDD, reinstalled windows and still the same black screen. Any more ideas?
  11. Okay, I'll give it a try and get back to you. By the way, thanks for all your help dude!!!