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  1. Hey motivators!I'm an instructor at a certification college in Texas... I REALLY would love for Linus or other employees... (Anthony, lookin' at YOU! Love your videos man!) to pitch in on IT certifications... specifically CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+... Could we do a video about these?*****I would like your staff to take the A+ (CompTIA A+, 220-1001 and 220-1002... easy for you all) and help us, your fans, understand your thoughts about how it may help people, who are new to technology break into the IT world! It would be awesome to get some guidance from Linus Media Group on certifications. GO TAKE THE EXAMS and give us some solid feedback!!!! If you're down, shoot me an email at SeanC@MyComputerCareer.edu! CHALLENGE ISSUED!!!
  2. I agree! I try not to give false hope.... BUt... I do recognize.... if you refuse to stop learning, you WILL be accepted by the IT world....
  3. Shimejii and Scuff... do you remember when you first started learning about the IT world? (Ports? IP addressing?)
  4. This thread has 54 views! Chime in if you're seeing this! Remember, I'm teaching BASIC users to transition to admins right now!
  5. It is quite difficult to explain how a cert means you have the ability to learn........
  6. I agree... i literally tell them "a certification means you get a basic job with the OPPORTUNITY to learn!" I feel like a LOT of younger kids (Or career transitions) need this....
  7. I always tell myself... "Don't get angry or condescending.... they need to ENTER the IT field before excelling...." This worries me and stresses me.......
  8. Agreed Scuff Gang! I feel morally obligated to at LEAST guide them to a system admin position yah?
  9. I very much appreciate the responses so far! Consider this.... (I'm a college instructor for certifications... I have A LOT of students with ZERO tech experience)...... its rough! Thoughts?
  10. Hello LTT people! I teach a series of IT certifications, but I would love your opinion on certifications! (I understand a lot of you will cry "NO NEED FOR CERTS, I HAVE EXPERIENCE!"... ) That's okay... but not COMMON..... Positive feedback would be awesome to relay to my classes!