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  1. I'm in, couple of things I dislike are you can run spray and your accuracy is not punished from doing so which removes marksmanship from this game which is important to rainbow six but it will be hard to do so as its so CQB orientated. VOIP is also terrible quality at the moment with always broadcast only available so it is practically impossible to coordinate with your team which removes tactics. The point of the game is missed and it just turns into an assault on one room with the whole enemy team in there camping and it turns into a spraying through walls match due to the hit markers showing up through walls and it spoils the game. I know its Alpha these are just my opinions at this current build and I hope things are going to be addressed properly as its not Rainbow right now.
  2. Doom 3, Not my most recent upgrade obviously but I remember many moons ago trying to chug through that game at like 15fps haha!
  3. It had a shaky launch, so because you don't like the game you think no one else can enjoy it? Just playing Devils advocate here as I don't own the game, but can you tell me if I was to enjoy the game and I was happy to pay the £15 for why I am wrong to do so and you are right to tell me that I do not in fact enjoy it? Some games are broken on release but you cannot tell everyone that they should not ever pre-order and tar all games with the same brush. I agree with your opinion on this subject I do I'm just saying its not clear cut as you are making out. As for games not running out of stock what about bundled exclusive content? To some people that's something they may value. I personally would have my suspicions as its luring you into pre-ordering a game that may be rubbish but I cant tell other people not to buy it.
  4. Is this under the assumption that these games will be broken? I think everyone should make there own decisions, not buying a game that you may potentially get a lot of enjoyment out of throughout the development cycle because you watched a video of someone telling you not to buy it because its early access is just as dumb as buying it and hating it for being broken shit. I personally have not bought either, because I did buy DayZ and I was let down by that. I learnt from it though and now I will wait to see what critics say about the quality of the game along with how trustworthy the developer is. That doesnt mean I should preach that because I know people that still love DayZ and that's their opinion and who am I to tell them it's rubbish and not worth buying the same goes for H1Z1. Its not anyone else's decision to make. Just don't cry about it if you do buy into a game that turns out to be garbage.
  5. You again? Really?... Ok so I made this thread to bully someone I know? Perhaps you should go back and reread this thread. You will see I uploaded a picture as a bit of a laugh at someone for saying something rather silly and commonly joked about in the gaming industry. I mean eyes seeing in 22FPS is a funny joke! And seeing someone swear blind to your face that it is in fact the truth is funny? If it isn’t maybe you should take a look at your life? You mention I am right to a point? Again this is a discussion about that something that truly is black and white. I am not right to a point, I am right in its entirety. I am aware there are grey areas in the world, but thank you for pointing it out anyway. This however is not opinion it does not have a grey area. I did allude to this in my previous post to you I guess you must have missed that? You then to go on to talk about how people’s opinions mismatch sometimes. I do not know why you have chosen to talk/ramble about this since this has nothing to do with the discussion either? “I could give you a run down of how a food manufacturing process works within a food factory, give you all the little details and so on, and you would still have a different view to it than me.” Apart from this being completely unrelated and quite frankly a little stupid I’d still like to explore your thought process on this. If you told me a knife was used within the process to chop meat, could that also mean that it is used to cook the meat too if that is my opinion on the knifes purpose. As that is what we are discussing hear a tool, in this case motion blurs, purpose. Please explain further how people’s opinions can dictate the use of a tool? Particularly when a tool is used to perform an impossible function. (If you need a hand understanding why I am asking you this please ask yourself how a fake motion blur effect can smooth 30fps so it is perceived like a film with real light captured motion blur). Thank you also for explaining the purpose of motion blur in games to me? I guess that’s in a vain effort to demonstrate so technical nouse? I’m afraid you yet again have completely missed the point of this thread and failed to contribute. For future reference the argument is how both motion blur in films and games are different and in games it cannot increase the perceived speed of the updates of the image received by our eyes. You also put down your rude comments down to you being a bitch in the morning? Does this excuse your personality and not mine? This makes me a bully and alleviates you of any responsibility? At least I have the bottle to not put down my bad attitude to how I am in the morning like a little girl. But I actually was having a little fun at a friend’s expense. Does this make me a monster? I was a little sour after being told I was a liar with a high level of sarcasm. Does this warrant you a complete stranger writing me off as bully? I think the reverse is in fact the case… Do you have something you wish to share with us to ease your rage at something that doesn’t really include you? Are you over compensating and asserting your authority for any suppressed reasons? Maybe we could help? I hope you’re out bursts of pure tripe at me are helping? Let’s continue anyhow.. I am defensive as you jumped on my back when I have listed fact after fact to educate someone both in private discussion and on the thread only to be called a liar and now a bully… If you bothered to read my posts you would see if they are slightly sharp in response to Legypts Sarcasm. Also I am two faced under the assumption that I did this behind his back and didn’t discuss it at length in a private chat too? Well unfortunately, I did do exactly that. So please before pointing the finger make sure you know the facts? Assumptions can make you look a bit foolish. I merely tried to educate someone with the help of the forum and someone like you has gotten a little over sensitive and now have turned this thread into a shit flinging contest the facts are though your arguments have no back bone? So please, Leave this now before you lose all dignity you are making yourself look a fool. P.S I liked your comment because it was so outrageous it made me chuckle. (It’s like laughing, if you know what that is?)
  6. Are you serious…? Your whole argument here is hilarious! Let’s start by giving you a round of applause for coming into this thread and contributing absolutely nothing to what this thread is about. Secondly let’s take some time to actually delve into what it is you have decided to write. Your first point you have tried to make is that “I am a King(or Queen) Douchbag” because I “make fun of people on the internet” and “I know everything and am always right about everything". Now this in itself is a little bit silly as your whole post to me is trying to belittle me, so what exactly quantifies being a “King douchebag” because by your logic I think you have just labelled yourself as one? You then go onto me being an “internet bad ass” because I “ridicule someone in a public forum to make yourself seem more important” is that not what you are attempting to do in your post? You don’t even write an opinion or any facts or anything of use at all really your post is merely an attempt to show you are above an argument about tech and by your almighty reckoning it is petty. You also have the audacity to call me two faced, I would like you to point out where exactly it is I have been two faced? Also I think you should note, your whole post is two faced for the for mentioned reasons. All this is irrelevant however as it nothing to do with what we were arguing about. So let’s try and ascertain what little opinion and tech knowledge you have tried to share on this thread. You say “you can not force them to share your point of view” and “End of the day though you have your views on this, and everyone else has theirs. Doesn't ultimately matter who is right or wrong” This is a technical debate, you talk about having conflicting views and it does not matter who is right or wrong. That is just idiotic and with that logic you could get a job at Ubisoft. It’s like arguing that Anti-Aliasing’s function within games is to increase FPS, and because that is your view you are no more wrong than the people who actually know what it is used for… Just close this thread already don’t need any more hyped up kids and there hypocritical post trying to belittle me for belittling someone. Jesus. Started as a little fun poking some people need to get off their high horse. If you do want to post here please try and contribute something about the debate or the technology in discussion. All the info Lee needs is in Linus’ video on resolution anyway so I think this should be now closed. Thank you.
  7. Tomb Raider 10/10 IGN In all seriousness pretty good game! Like the weapon upgrades! 8.5/10
  8. Good luck mate, hopefully someone else can shine more light on this for you if not.
  9. To be fair I think I'm going to do that, its a lost cause. Before I brought him to the forum I linked him Linus video on the matter and still no luck. So I thought someone knowledgeable could help. Instead I was met by memes which is still pretty funny Lee you sent me a forum link that as a whole said motion blur is rubbish and one misinformed guy said it was cool.. this does not back up you 'Facts'. Your arguments are flawed on too many levels to even warrant a response now... Goodnight........
  10. Why not correct him? I did several times and he flat out said I was wrong.... So I took it to a tech forum not to insult or mock him but to show him I was infact telling the truth and trying to educate him on it yes I threw in some banter about it for a laugh. Then he insults me above so....
  11. Lee please stop digging...... You said eyes see in 22fps and they just don't see real life, games, porn, through binoculars, sunglasses, telescopes and anything else in FPS! Generalization or no generalization the fact of the matter is you are wrong about that. Onto your next point.... I am aware that things in games are not real, but thank you for clearing it up anyway. I think you missed my many points I have made however.... Let me break it down really simply for you....(here's where it gets a little confusing it seems for you so please pay attention) Motion blur in FILM = NATURAL it is a natural phenomenon which is created by the camera capturing the light. No method of blurring pixels via software is used. Motion Blur in GAMES = ARTIFICIAL, A blurring EFFECT not blurring's NATURAL occurrence as a computer doesn't capture light from the games code and then display it it renders the picture pixel by pixel from what is programmed within a games code as per MB off. THEN VIA SOFTWARE EFFECT (NOT REAL LIFE) it blurs the imagines pixels in certain areas. This gives the impression of momentum. It does not however reproduce how it works in films. Therefore the two methods work differently and it is impossible for the in game effect to provide frame transitioning smoothing effect like real motion blur does in low frame rate movies! I do hope you follow me. Your attempt to mock my intelligence by saying water on the screen is not real to further your argument makes you look a bit silly now. Since everything is an attempt or a simulation yet you are trying to use motion blur in games as if it is not fake, as if it actually works like it does when capturing real world footage via camera. RIP in pepperoni
  12. Have you tried using the repair option in origin? (If there is one?)
  13. Thanks mate! It's not the best written so thanks for sticking with it