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  1. How good is Ryzen 5 3600 in terms of emulation? Speaking of emulation I'm talking about Citra/Yuzu/Cemu and all these stuffs Is it far behind than high end cpu's like Ryzen 3700X/Core I7 9700K? Or the average frame rate differences aren't that massive? Thanks in advance
  2. I think you misread it i decided to buy a 5700 not 5700XT and i don't have 1440p monitor either so 1080p 60fps is more than enough for me
  3. Well i think there is definitely some misunderstanding going on here let me clear everything up I already bought a new case for my upcoming gaming rig! It features tempered glass side panel/4 rgb cooler/3.1usb and lot's of other stuffs I also bought a SSD and 650watt PSU I also know that very well if i buy a Ryzen 2000/3000 then i have to upgrade my current RAM and MOBO Actually my question was should i go and upgrade my CPU first (of course RAM+MOTHERBOARD would also be included) Or go for GPU first (already bought bronze rated 650 watt corsair PSU for powering up the whole config)
  4. My budget for GPU is around $300-350 and I'm looking for a GPU which would be capable to handle most of the upcoming video games in 1080p for next 4-5 more years (and of course in 60fps) I saw lot's of benchmarking videos and decided to buy a RX 5700 (RTX 2060/RTX 2060 Super/RX 5700XT) these are also amazing cards but if we compare them in Price to Performance i think RX 5700 wins the fight
  5. Nope i don't have a spare ryzen processor and do you think 17% performance boost worth the wait of 7/8 months? Btw you still haven't mentioned if i should upgrade my Cpu+Mobo+Ram first or the current Gpu
  6. I wish i could upgrade everything at once but unfortunately my dad won't let me do that So i have to go for either cpu/gpu first and wait 3/4 months then upgrade old cpu/old gpu
  7. Would there be a major difference between ryzen 4000 seris and currently available 3000 series in terms of gaming ? I don't have any kind of issues about the pricing of current b450 motherboard's though
  8. I know and that's the reason i was asking which one i should upgrade first I will eventually upgrade the gpu/cpu in 3/4 months after upgrading my current gpu/cpu
  9. I have a 4th gen H81M Motherboard. My config is 4th gen Core I3 4160 processor and Amd R7 260x 2gb ddr5 gpu. I was considering to upgrade my PC slowly but not sure which one to upgrade first All i want to do is: 60fps 1080p gaming (all ultra setting) 50-60fps in yuzu emulator (so that i can play legends of zelda and pokemon let's go) The cpu i thought about buying is Ryzen 3600 (Don't know if i should wait for ryzen 4000 seris) The gpu i thought about buying is Rx 5700 (Don't know if i should wait for Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere GPUs which promised jaw-dropping performance boost over Turing)