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  1. How good is Ryzen 5 3600 in terms of emulation? Speaking of emulation I'm talking about Citra/Yuzu/Cemu and all these stuffs ? Is it far behind than high end cpu's like Ryzen 3700X/Core I7 9700K? Or the average frame rate differences aren't that massive? Thanks in advance
  2. I think you misread it ? i decided to buy a 5700 not 5700XT ? and i don't have 1440p monitor either so 1080p 60fps is more than enough for me
  3. Well i think there is definitely some misunderstanding going on here ? let me clear everything up I already bought a new case for my upcoming gaming rig! It features tempered glass side panel/4 rgb cooler/3.1usb and lot's of other stuffs I also bought a SSD and 650watt PSU I also know that very well if i buy a Ryzen 2000/3000 then i have to upgrade my current RAM and MOBO Actually my question was should i go and upgrade my CPU first (of course RAM+MOTHERBOARD would also be included) Or go for GPU first ? (already bought bronze rated
  4. My budget for GPU is around $300-350 and I'm looking for a GPU which would be capable to handle most of the upcoming video games in 1080p for next 4-5 more years (and of course in 60fps) I saw lot's of benchmarking videos and decided to buy a RX 5700 (RTX 2060/RTX 2060 Super/RX 5700XT) these are also amazing cards but if we compare them in Price to Performance i think RX 5700 wins the fight
  5. Nope i don't have a spare ryzen processor and do you think 17% performance boost worth the wait of 7/8 months? Btw you still haven't mentioned if i should upgrade my Cpu+Mobo+Ram first or the current Gpu
  6. I wish i could upgrade everything at once but unfortunately my dad won't let me do that So i have to go for either cpu/gpu first and wait 3/4 months then upgrade old cpu/old gpu
  7. Would there be a major difference between ryzen 4000 seris and currently available 3000 series in terms of gaming ? I don't have any kind of issues about the pricing of current b450 motherboard's though
  8. I know and that's the reason i was asking which one i should upgrade first I will eventually upgrade the gpu/cpu in 3/4 months after upgrading my current gpu/cpu
  9. I have a 4th gen H81M Motherboard. My config is 4th gen Core I3 4160 processor and Amd R7 260x 2gb ddr5 gpu. I was considering to upgrade my PC slowly but not sure which one to upgrade first All i want to do is: 60fps 1080p gaming (all ultra setting) 50-60fps in yuzu emulator (so that i can play legends of zelda and pokemon let's go) The cpu i thought about buying is Ryzen 3600 (Don't know if i should wait for ryzen 4000 seris) The gpu i thought about buying is Rx 5700 (Don't know if i should wait for Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere GPUs which promised ja