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  1. Thought I would update this. I updated the BIOS to what they have on their website which was v18 and RGB control was gone through Dragon Center. Then I was sent the latest beta BIOS v192 and still nothing but the Crucial x8 works just fine now! At least we know that it was a simple BIOS fix on their end to get this drive working!
  2. Was looking for a power supply recently and came across this list. In case anyone wanted to get one as well this seems like a good price for a Tier S PSU: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1009925-REG/antec_hcp1300platinum_hcp_1300_atx12v_eps12v_power_supply.html Only downside is that I can't seem to find a reasonably price custom cables for this. Until I find it I will still use my Seasonic Platinum 1000W PSU I guess.
  3. Article from several days ago about treatment in Thailand with positive results. https://www.ecowatch.com/coronavirus-treatment-thailand-doctors-2645011844.html?rebelltitem=3#rebelltitem3 Not sure how accurate ecowatch site is but at least some form of hope for this epidemic to be controlled.
  4. I would go for the front. The main thing is to have a cooler CPU and GPU can be slightly higher in temps. It's a tradeoff but see what is more important for you. In my case I wanted both so spent the extra money on the od11
  5. I had a brief time with the lancool ii and you can put a 360 rad in the front. However I opted for the OD11 because of more fan placements.
  6. Thanks mod, just don't like being personally attacked or misconstrued..
  7. When did I offer up explanations for these speculations? You sir are confusing things.
  8. So what does that mean then?
  9. You should also read what I am writing. I never once said I believed those speculations. Just because I say there are people who believe in Jesus or Allah doesn't mean I believe them too. Don't make your own translations from what people are saying. That's just ignorance and you end up creating misinformation of what people are saying. I am not reading it. I am just stating there are many. Enough of this. Apparently you only want to see fault in others and interpret things to your own benefit. What I wanted to convey is that there are many differing things out there so it's important to get the all the facts.
  10. Read my response. I said I was stating there are many speculations. Much like many theories or ideas. And for the 2nd time I am not reading into it. Please learn to read what people are writing instead of translating them into something else in your mind. You sir are being arrogant and ignorant.
  11. @Canoeyou are seriously coming off as arrogant and all knowing about this issue and not even trying to see other people's point of view.
  12. @Canoe what speculations am I reading into? I never said anything about speculations being fact. I am not reading into any speculations just stating there are many. SARS MERS and the latest 2019-nCOV are coronavirus strains but most people know them as SARS, MERS and now Coronavirus so that's what I stated. And as all viruses there is no cure but there is one fact that's for sure. The Flu has killed more people in one country than the other 3 versions of the corona viruses combined in one country. The flu, corona virus mutate over time. It happens and attacks our immune system differently. My point was that this is a new epidemic that is taking China by surprise and that something like this is nothing new as the flu has killed many more and infected many more that people also need to be aware of.
  13. Yea it's a new epidemic for China and they are a vital country now for trade for the rest of the world since China is the world's factory now.
  14. There is now 1,011 deaths but the flu is still 30 times that for deaths. I guess you are right, the flu is a bigger issue than this. There is too much speculations right now and too many differing stories about where it came from and the amount of people and deaths or it could be updates at different times. I guess this is getting much more media attention because it spread to many different countries and it's a new flu strain sars, mers now corona. This sin't the greatest killer in other countries but I guess this is an epidemic in China as they haven't faced something like this since SARS. Compared to 35,000,000 infected to right about 40,000+ there is a big difference.
  15. As of 2 days ago 908 dead from the virus in China and 40,171 infected (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/09/world/asia/coronavirus-china.html). The flu in the US infects 2018-2019 estimates show 35 million+ and deaths at an estimated 34,157. That's just the US alone (https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html). Wonder which is worse though. These are not numbers I pulled out of thin air. Just wondering why there is such a big thing over this when compared to the flu. Just saying.