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  1. Hi, I am a lucky winner of a 970 evo 2TB. Currently running on a 660p Intel NVME. Now my one issue is that I haven't got a clue on how to keep all my files. I was hoping to get all my files over to the 970 evo SSD and use the 660p as extras. Anyone has a guide to share?
  2. Thanks. My budget is €1200. The laptop is strictly for programming.
  3. Hi, I noticed my 2 core 1600mhz laptop just can not deal with Android Studio as much I would like to. So I'm waiting for the 4000 Ryzen mobile CPU's to launch. My only question is, does Android studio mostly use as many cores as possible, or is it power per core? Or a combination of both? Or perhaps should I get the 16 thread laptop instead of the 8?
  4. Tried it, and put all the settings to ''never go sleeping mode''. Now it lasted 30 minutes. 70% of my battery remained. I guess it's improvement, but nowhere close.
  5. Battery works perfectly, I tested it on my SO's laptop I swapped it because of the shutting down constantly
  6. Hi. My laptop (acer Aspire a515-51G) shuts down whenever it isn't plugged. I just swapped the battery, but nothing has changed. Anyone know if this is solvable? note: I have changed a few other parts but never had problems.
  7. The problem that I see with that image is that the black isn't actually black. That's why I didn't like this one either. It has to learn towards the blackest black in order for it to be somewhat interesting.
  8. Yes that's fair. So when I look at Linus merch, I feel like I work there if I were to wear the t-shirts. Like someone else mentioned a bit more minimalistic would be nice. If they just had a black t-shirt where a small logo ''LTT'' would be added it would feel more like fashion than me standing at the counter of a gaming store. Minimalistic example If it were to be as simple as this where it would say ''LTT'' in white or the original orange, embroidered or printed. I would have bought it.
  9. I'm not sure if I understand. Is it comparible to a 4k image or is it not. And if not, how is it different?
  10. I found some interesting tweaks now that my 1440p monitor arrived. World of Warcraft is allowing me to play in 4k (5120 x 2880) My RX590 has a virtual mode where it allows me to render pictures ''virtually'' as 4k images. First I thought the difference would just be a marketing technique but the differences are very noticeable. Anyone that could explain me how these virtual settings work and why my 1440p monitor is capable of displaying in 4k?
  11. I would either get. Acer KG271C AOC C27G1
  12. Unless you're taking a 800+ Mhz leap, It barely matters. The only scenario where I could imagine it to matter is if you were to upload 1 hour long 4k footage where you are in a rush to save yourself from rending a couple of minutes.
  13. Turned out with a bit of tweaking WoW is running stable at 144hz. I also want to say that I'm absolutely baffled by the difference. I always just had in my head that the difference would be very minor. ''A screen is a screen''. Boy was I wrong. I can't believe this €360 investment was so worthwhile. If anyone doubts spending this type of money on a monitor because the difference may not be that great. IT IS.
  14. Hi, I just purchased the LG 32GK650F and it should arrive soon. I want to know how I can get most bang for my buck. Right now I'm playing on a 60hz 720p monitor with a 6ms response time. So I literally have no idea what 1440p, 1ms and 144hz feels like. I watched a youtuber getting about 75-120 FPS with the nearly the same PC build as I did. Now I understand that's it's pointless to use 144Mhz when I average 85 FPS. But what should my settings be? Should I just cap it at 100mhz, and put World of Warcraft settings a bit lower so I can maintain 100mhz and 1440P? Or should I maintain high to ultra settings and live with 60mhz? Here's my build