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  1. Preferably. My head size 7.5 is causing headphones to be tight. I can't wear them too long for that reason.
  2. Are you content with the noise cancelling? It's important for me considering that I get distracted easily from outside noises.
  3. Please fill in before requesting build help: 1. Budget & Location You may have listed a heap of parts that all add up to your preferred budget, but it is easier if you just list the total amount you'd like to spend and the currency as well as if you'd consider going above that budget for more performance. We need the location as well because $US are different to $AUD and $CAD etc. 2. Aim What is the system going to be used for? Web browsing, 3D work? Different systems need various levels of performance - a computer based for web browsing and office use won't hand
  4. Hi, I'm a complete noob when looking at audio. I'm currently looking for something that helps me work long hours. Bluetooth headphones (no mic) Great noise cancelling Over ear Not too tight (I have a medium large head) No funny color I don't care if it has base or no bass, I just want clear sound Location: The Netherlands (Can order from amazon.de if needed) Budget: €200 (If genuinely worth it, I may go slightly over budget) Reason: My galaxy buds hurt after 2+ hours. I am working 10 hours a day so I need something
  5. Can someone explain this in layman's terms? Google isn't quite explaining it such that I understand. I see Azure offer ''80 vcores''. I always thought vcores = ghz. But that must be wrong considering them offering over 80. Let's say my 3600x is overclocked to 4.5ghz, how would I know it's vCore?
  6. Hi, As I bought a 3rd monitor for productivity, my desktop no longer fits on my desk. Closet, didn't work I decided to put it in the closet, drilling holes at the bottom and in the back of it. Running heavy GPU software, I get thermal issues running into BSOD every time. My NZXT H510 doesn't flow well either. The closet gets really hot and it doesn't feel like enough heat is escaping. Floor gang Has anyone experienced with this? Wouldn't it add too much dust from the bottom into the case? Do I put on a piece of plastic? Another optio
  7. So you guys recommend I upgrade my CPU over my GPU? I guess a new 5800x would help?
  8. Budget (including currency): €750 Country: Netherlands Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: World of Warcraft Other details: My current build: Right now I'm achieving 50 to 100 FPS playing WoW at high settings (7/10) . I'm looking to be 90FPS at my 1% low. Averaging 120+ FPS at high settings. What should I do to achieve this?
  9. Hi, This is my current build (without the GPU) According to PcPartPicker, I'm free to keep my current PSU, but I'm hoping to get some general feedback. GPU I'm most likely going to buy (depending on deal) 3060 TI RX 6800 3070 RX 6700 ??? If you recommend me to swap, I'm willing to spend €150,- (Netherlands) Which PSU would you recommend if I have to swap at all? I don't know if this matters but I only use it for World of Warcraft and programming Any help is appreciated!
  10. So I hoped to get an answer from an experienced user. I've been doing CS a year now, and people are recommending me to use Linux. Whenever I ask them ''what benefits does Linux have over my Windows system'' they usually don't answer. So what I'm trying to look for in an answer is whether I can have both Linux and Windows on the same PC if I want to fall back, and what the biggest differences and or benefits are for me as a developer. I want to also keep Windows because I like to play games from time to time. Curious to try out something new, so if you could share your
  11. I was always thinking of the idea that airfilters would be pure nonsense. My hay fever allergies got so bad, that I was desperate for answers. So I just bought this thing last week. My hay fever issues went from astronomical to barely noticeable within 2 days. I know it works because as soon as I step outside, my eyes tear up. TL;DR: For anyone with dust / hay fever allergies. YES it's worth it.
  12. Hi, The audio of my Corsair void elite is pretty low, and I noticed that when downloading the trial version of Dolby Atmos, the sound increased by 30%, but still not where I wanted it. It seems to be bottlenecked by software. I turn everything to 100% volume but very slim succes. Even my Galaxy earbuds go at least twice as loud. Does anyone have some advice on making the audio louder so I can at least properly hear my friends on discord when my aircon is running :)
  13. Hi, I have two surface laptops 3 from work. One uses 10.1GB of ram doing the exact same things, while my 8GB uses only 4,1GB of RAM. How is this possible? The test Both had 4 chrome tabs open (the same tabs) Both had visual studio running a portfolio app Both were playing music through spotify Both were running over my LG screen
  14. What issues are you facing? I need to do my exams on those machines so if it's going to hinder my exams I can't buy it
  15. Thanks for the recommendation I don't care about gaming though. I'm only interested in slim ultrabooks