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  1. I went trough all the autostart earlier and only have the things listed as "wanted" in my post in there. But what do you think about uninstalling some Lenovo Firmware?
  2. Setting it up completely new would be a big hassle since I have been using it since the beginnig of January.
  3. I have noticed very high idle RAM usage on my Thinkpad E490, it is about three quarters of a year old. In idle the RAM ussage is about 42% or 5GB and sometimes up to 6GB. On the lookout for potential trubble makers I found that a process, the Lenovo.Modern.ImController, coming potentially from lenovo firmware like Lenovo Vantage, is responsible for about 1-2 two fifths of that so 1-2GB. It is running about 13 times. Wtf? Addional tasks with Lenovo in the name account for up to another 500mb. So my first question: Should I delete all/some Lenovo Firmware? As far as I remember all BIOS updates were done through Lenovo Vantage (please correct me were else to do them) and some drivers and special thermal software for fan control are updated through it. Secondly, what other programs could cause such unusual high RAM usage? Some of the programs I would accept running in the backround are eg. my AntiVirus Norton, Steam, iCloud and a password manager, but all of which only account for max. about 400mb. * All of the values are either ranges or max values (which don´t all occur simoultaniously) Which sometimes makes up to 1GB of ussage, while accounting for the operating system, not accounted for --> so other backround programs I´d like to eliminate. Thank you in advance for your responses
  4. Thank you for your help, but I think I found the issue, there was a safety feauture preenabled, that throttled everything to keep the charging device save when on an airplane, it was on auto and as far as I could find out, that means it basically just does things randomly
  5. @TomvanWijnenI am pluged in, but I will check if there is any perfomance throttle enabled in the devices settings under certain conditions.
  6. I reseted the settings and had a go, but there are still lag spikes about every 3 seconds when launching and more when landing and they still corespond with the GPU dipping down in performance. (As in the second half of the GPU Graph it´s going up and down and up and down)
  7. i am experiencing lag spikes when the gpu usage drops.
  8. @Srijan VermaNo, at this point i had no driver installed, so it (dGPU) was not used for games at all and showing 0% usage, the iGPU was showing up to 100%. But here are the readouts: Timestamps: 33:00 Starting the Game :45 Fully Loaded 34:40 launching a rocket Note: I experience more lag when landing on a planet or moon, but it would have been an enormous amount of data. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  9. I need some advice, i was gifted a new laptop, the Thinkpad E490 with an Intel i5-8265U and a Radeon RX 550X. Before enabeling the GPU with the driver, I played Kerbal Space Pogramm for a few days, with no mods and unchanged grafics settings. It was running smooth on the integrated UHD Graphics 620 chip. After installing the AMD Radeon Software, now using the "real" GPU and enabeling Anti-Lag and Enhanced-Sinc for KSP, but no Imagesharpening or Chill, the Framerate dropped significantly making the game nearly unplayable. Even in the "build mode" there were lots of lags. I couldn´t find a reason for this, so i would be happy about some solutions to fix this problem.