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  1. and the card used to stay around 70c all max, so i dont know if thats the problem
  2. Gigabyte 2060 oc, and it had decent airflow, just a questions if the fans show just the fan and not the part holding it, is it intaking air out outputting air? If so I have to switch them around, but it looks like the front 3 are pulling air in and the top and the back are pushing air out, in my room since it is getting hotter, my computer is getting hot that it heats up my room, I have 2 fans next to me and then I put my hands on my computer and my hand starts to burn, if ambient temps mean room temps then I get around 85f-90f in my room
  3. This computer was a prebuilt with a 1060, I switched out the gpu and motherboard, Tuf b450m plus gaming, and it is a gigabyte rtx 2060 oc
  4. Hello I am playing the new modern warfare and I get 84c all the time and I max it out at 117 power 87c, and it usually hits 87 in intensive moments and I have been watching people with much lower temps like 50c -60c and anybody help me btw fan speed is at 100%
  5. I turned on msaa 4 and now i boosted up to same fps clocks speeds nevery drop and 70c now in temps
  6. Here is what it shows this is when i am down in the city
  7. low usage on ram, gpu and cpu, and i have afterburner and task manager open on my second monitor
  8. Sorry vsynz is off in gta, on in fortnite
  9. fortnite and thats it
  10. I did all of that it doesnt work
  11. I dont have the river tunar thing on but it is super laggy so i am gonna guess around 40-50 in the city, but i will check again, and the only way for my game to be smooth in certain aresas i have to use vsync and i am using a 144hz monitor so it caps at 144
  12. Hello, I keep getting low fps in gta, low clock speed when i get into heavy areas but my temp stays below 55c Specs Ryzen 7 2700x 4.0ghz Rtx 2060 16(2x8) corsair vengance lpx 3000mhz 700w evga bronze psu 1tb qvo 860 1tb wd blue My gpu drops from 2025mhz to 1365 in the city and goes back to 2025 in the airport, my fps drops most when i get into the city and casino and thats when i get low clock speed, it fluctuates between 1365-1500 there and my boost clock is 1755 and it shows i keep getting low voltage. Is there any way to fix this, Cpu temps stay around 50c and gpu temps stay around 55c, is there any way to fix this please help if possible
  13. i have done windows multiple times and it hasnt worked and i had to roll back my drivers because i was getting even lower fps like 20s and 30s
  14. no i mean that i can run rtx on modern warfare and have all max settings and still have more fps than gta at all low
  15. I have 2 sticks both 8gb each running in dual channel and my psu is EVGA - 700W ATX12V /EPS12V 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply DC-DC Technology - Black, i got from best buy