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  1. Hello, I use a x570 pro4 from asrock. It was working perfectly fine 2 hours agos but then when i went to change the colors, they started to glitch out. Like green on my strimmer cables would be green then the rest of the rgb would be red if i set the color to red. Like the cables would turn red if i set them to green and if i set them to purple they would set to blue. I dont know what is up. I plugged the rgb cables into the addressable rgb header and it still didnt work. Now for some reason I can only control the colors by clicking rgb 1 on the Asrock Polychrome software. Am i able to get som
  2. ok and bios is already updated to latest version
  3. i have and the weird thing is when i fully reset my computer it installed the the newest on its own
  4. all games dip to the low 60s and 50s and the resolution is 1920 x 1080
  5. Hello, i have been getting low fps in every game i play using the rtx 2060, My pc specs are listed down below Specs Ryzen 7 2700x Gigabyte 2060 oc rev 2 2x8 corsair vengance ram overclocked from 3000mhz to 3200mhz 700w evga bronze 1tb qvo 860 1tb wd blue 2012 i get low fps in all games, like subnautica, fortnite, gta, overcooked which is sad, subnautica below zero and keep in mind very game is out of beta except subnautica below zero. The other thing is i get low temps but high usage on gpu and still low fps and high cpu temps but low usage and st
  6. ok, the weird thing is i used to get 6 ping with ethernet while playing, abt a week ago i started getting 60-70 ping with massive delay, and when i play on 26 ping average i start to get packet loss and i stutter and it makes the game impossible to play, i have tried many videos, do you know one where i can just make my game at least playable
  7. how do i do that again sorry i am new to this
  8. ok what is the ping like coxes ping?
  9. Hello i play fortnite and a lot of other games and i get hella ping in game but when i do ping in cmd it shows i should be getting 0 ping and the nearest server for fortnite is northen cali and im in southern here is a picture of my thing. Things i have tried 1. reset router 2. changed dns 3. checked ping plotter and i am supposed to get 9 ping 4. reset network in settings nothing has worked i am abt to call my isp but before i want to know if anything is wrong or its just my isp here is a picture of my cmd
  10. and the card used to stay around 70c all max, so i dont know if thats the problem
  11. Gigabyte 2060 oc, and it had decent airflow, just a questions if the fans show just the fan and not the part holding it, is it intaking air out outputting air? If so I have to switch them around, but it looks like the front 3 are pulling air in and the top and the back are pushing air out, in my room since it is getting hotter, my computer is getting hot that it heats up my room, I have 2 fans next to me and then I put my hands on my computer and my hand starts to burn, if ambient temps mean room temps then I get around 85f-90f in my room
  12. This computer was a prebuilt with a 1060, I switched out the gpu and motherboard, Tuf b450m plus gaming, and it is a gigabyte rtx 2060 oc
  13. Hello I am playing the new modern warfare and I get 84c all the time and I max it out at 117 power 87c, and it usually hits 87 in intensive moments and I have been watching people with much lower temps like 50c -60c and anybody help me btw fan speed is at 100%