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  1. OC further, if not try going to CL9 or CL8, CL7 is epic level at 1600.
  2. It makes a massive difference when CPU limited. You are also not considering memory latency with the speed it is running at also.
  3. Shit ram, get 1866mhz or higher speed. Don't expect 60FPS in SOTTR on good settings with a 580.
  4. It has been mentioned that it is very hard to find a better headphone than the X2HR's in a few reviews, i own them, yes they are insanely good especially for £100 which i paid. Open backs normally miss out the bass, the X2HR have the full bass response at least under 30hz also, mine went as low as 25hz before cutting out to a point where the bass is no longer loud enough. Highly impressive. This also with zero equalizer. My ears vibrate from the bass and it feels awesome. If you listen to music like this.... the X2HR will be very hard to beat. They are also awesome for gaming, i can hear noise before most other people do, allowing me to have a upper hand, i power mine through my Denon receiver with direct optical passthrough.
  5. Any reviews on the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F?
  6. Celeron / ryzen 2200g. 9600KF/ 3600
  7. F77


    Well you can because they are mostly meaningless people.
  8. F77


    Ghandi was also an asshole.
  9. And nothing died? It amazes me when something is a bad or potentially explosive yet could last a decade.
  10. Sperm was the easiest one... if you get over yourself and are confident in your sexuality, look at it logically, plenty of females and males will suck off a man and enjoy it, so clearly it will just either taste bad or not so bad i guess, a comment for my own.. was not bad. Doing so actually helps my wife enjoy good taste... lol *Want to know how it tastes? actually taste it* *Obligatory comment; put's hairs on a mans chest* Would you feed food to someone if you would not eat it yourself? All are actually linked with the sperm one, the rest.. yeah i am not endorsing that, made my money though.
  11. Ate eggs that were 3 months out of date without being ill. Ate cat & doggy food. Tasted my poo and sperm and pee too. I should have become a scientist. Forgot to add, eating my own things... yeah that paid for a holiday in Spain, was worth it and was not ill. Surprisingly, the smell is far worse oddly.