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  1. If it works, it works... so that's where you got it from! trusty Grandpa!
  2. Wait for the 3070 RTX Ti S Super Deluxe Fancy
  3. Youth is hilarious and dumb at the same time.
  4. Video of this setup in action playing No one lives forever (game came today through mail) Disc drive is so loud lol.
  5. I recorded playing No one lives forever with my shitty phone camera, i will add that to the retro hardware thread i guess, awesome game. steady 50% CPU usage and locked 60FPS with zero drops on the Windows XP build.
  6. I think what you have done with it is purposeful since it lights up the room rather than just being RGB...
  7. So this may sound completely contradictory but the R9 280X from XFX i have runs stable with an overclock but not at stock in CSGO on the Ivy test bench. Stock it runs at 1000mhz with 1600 memory, OC it runs at 1120mhz with 1600 memory & +20 on power limit, card never reaches over 64c
  8. It's in an older tier list, it was rated the same as the Gold's which is even more confusing.
  9. SST1000-P you tell me, Haswell AFAIK is the only architecture to give problems with PSU's. I am well aware it has nothing to do with the brand, you assume too much. 80 amps on 12v rails suggests a independently regulated PSU, 83 amps at 12 volts is exactly 1000 watts, which this unit is rated at and can deliver 1100 watts comfortably.