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  1. So basically, I had a drink next to me on my desk when my at jumped up and knocked it over onto my keyboard. I was sitting away at the time so I didn't notice until about 3 minutes later, and when I did I immediately shut it off. None of the keys were pressed while the liquid was on the board so I don't think it got into the keys. I use the K95 RGB Platinum and the water spilled on the Macro Keys (or the G keys), caps lock and some other keys near the left of the keyboard. After I shut it off, I removed the key caps, used a hair dryer and made sure the board was clean. I also disassembled the board to see if there was any liquid on the main board and as far as I could tell, there was none. I plugged the board back in to find my caps lock wasn't working, all the Macro keys were pink (when all the rest were white) but the strangest thing was the 9 and 0 keys were also pink which was strange as the water didn't get over there. I checked the iCUE software to see and as far as the software knew, all the keys were set to white. I also managed to fix the caps lock key by pressing it down and blowing into it. That seemed to make it work fine. I checked the onboard profiles and the strangest sight met my eye. I have never changed the onboard profiles, so when I saw that profile 1 and 2 were set to this strange Chinese symbol I was confused, and profile 3 was blank. I tried changing between profiles using button on the board but it didn't do anything. Another strange thing was whenever the board was plugged into my PC, some of the corsair fans in my system would change colour, not the whole fan, but just one or two LEDs, then when I unplug the board, they go back to static white after about 15 seconds. I tried clearing the onboard memory but I kept getting the same error. I tried using the settings tab to clear the onboard system but I'd still get the same error. I even tried using the unplug keyboard and hold escape key to reset the board and that didn't work. It never flashed, I would just hold escape, plug it in, my PC would play the USB device plugged in and disconnect noise, I'd let go of escape, it would make the same noises, then I'd re plug it in, it would go static red for some reason and then go white again because I have iCUE instant lighting set to static white. I can't delete or save onboard profiles . I don't think the LEDs have gone bad either because 1. 9 and 0 are affected but weren't in the splash zone and 2. I saw a post somewhere where someone had the exact same problem as me with the exact same keys, but I don't think he noticed the weird Chinese on board profiles. I eventually gave up and ordered a Huntsmen Elite but if anyone could help, that would be great. All the keys still work, its just the white LED for the macros and 9, 0 keys aren't functioning, and I believe it's software or hardware related and not because of the water damage. I also heard someone with a similar issue had it fixed by a corsair employee giving them an older firmware update for the board, so if someone could do that for me, that would be great. Thanks!
  2. Ok the problem seems to be fixed, honestly not sure how we did it but it works, there was probably something wrong with it sitting in the PCIe slot, thanks for the help though!
  3. Ok thanks, I'll look into what you said further
  4. The ITX variant from Sapphire only uses a 6 pin
  5. Hey, I have a friend who wanted more performance out of his PC. He had an i7 870 and a Gigabyte 460. I recommended an RX570 ITX to him and he bought one. He has installed it correctly, it is getting power from his PSU but he isn't getting a video output. The 870 doesn't have integrated graphics either, so we can't easily exit to the desktop. I've never dealt with this problem before, so some help would be greatly appreciated. My guess would be that we have to install his old GPU and disable something in the settings perhaps, but i'm not sure to be honest... I would like this to be solved soon though because I don't want him blaming me for this or something lol.
  6. Well lucky you lol. I have to keep my PC on the floor due to their being no room on my desk. I never actually hit 80. I max out at 78 on 1 core and around 77 - 68 on the others. Except from cinebench, I hit these temperatures when I'm playing Rainbow 6 Siege at, absolute max graphics, at 144hz, 1080p. (this is the high definition variant of R6 which is 90gb, the steam variant is standard with 60gb)
  7. Also the fans run pretty slow at idle, I might ramp them up a bit now
  8. nah my room is just poorly ventilated and my case ain't the best either lol.
  9. Go away lol

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      HELLO, WELCOME TO THE FORU.... Wait a minute, this seem a bit, suspicious.

  10. Well my ambient is around 35 to 45. They jump around a lot though but I've heard that even opening applications can make this CPU change it's load drastically for a split second.
  11. Hey, I've had an i7 7700k for a while running on an Asus TUF Z270 MK1 and with an NZXT Kraken X62 AIO. With the fans at 80% (corsair LL140's) in a push pull configuration, i reach temps of 70 - 80. They never dip below 70 but never go higher than 78. I'm going to upgrade my chassis to a higher airflow one (probably the 680X Crystal series) but I wanna know if these are safe temps. I understand that this chip is known to get hot but I wanna know if I should dial back my 4.6 on all cores OC back to the stock frequency or if it's safe to keep it like this. Thanks!