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  1. I’m looking to buy the 220T Case from Corsair but wanted to know from any owners if I could fit a 300mm GPU with a AIO mounted at the front as well ? I’ve seen online and what others say but seems to be mixed and get different answers for Max GPU lengths plus AIO’s etc ! any help would be great
  2. Thank you, that’s great, yeah after realising I can adapt 3 pin fans speed I’ll stick to the one controller app of icue !
  3. Ah I see so I can still manually adapt 3 pin fans to ramp up at certain temps ? Or is that the More advanced 4 pin Fans ?
  4. I was under the impression the difference with the 3 & 4 pin is that 4 pin would have a variable speed so it can ramp up and down where as 3 pin is fixed low/high with no in between ?
  5. Hey ! i was planning a new build and the case I wanted had 3 pin fans included, but wanted to know if I can still adapt the fan speed or will it only run min/max on 3 pin as I’m assuming the 4th pin allows the speed management ? also can I run different fans with different RGB controllers like Aura or icue in the same case ? I’m guessing I can but they may not match up in lighting effects and colours but will just have to have multiple apps to run them ?
  6. I’m looking to upgrade and run a 2070s, so could I maybe use which ever monitor and then cap the other monitor to like to you say 60hz to get around the possible issue or should it be fine to run say a 165hz 1080p and a 144hz 1440p ? thank you for your response !
  7. Hello, Im looking to run a dual or possibly three screen set up for gaming/streaming but I already have a 25” 165hz 1080p monitor which is great but will it matter or effect anything if I decide to get A 1440p 27” screen ? This is so I have a 1440p monitor for the visuals on some games I’d like to enjoy and play and then refresh rate on the more fast paced fps games which don’t need to look great on my 25” ? any thoughts or help is much appreciated !
  8. When you say apps do you also mean the launchers ? And then just get the games to store on ssd ? sorry for pulling teeth, this new to me !
  9. I have a 1TB nvme Gen 3 and a 1TB SSD, and was wondering what’s the best way to save programmes like steam, epic and other launchers as well as game storage and windows 10 ? Any help would be great !
  10. Myself is looking to upgrade to a 3600x and from previous posts and discussion with people here, the sweet spot for Ryzen 3000 is 3600MHz @ C16, these sticks are rather pricey at the moment so if it is significantly cheaper, get a 3400MHz @ C16 as they will out perform by a very small amount a 3600 MHz @ C18/19 etc but save you some coin
  11. You’re half way there, i’d put some fresh paste on.
  12. I’m looking to buy now and in next few months and was toying with the idea of getting a 2700x or a 3600x as the price is the same, but after a few posts etc I think I may just go for a 3600x with the new architecture and ride out till the new Ryzen platform is released and the chip after the 4000 series ... as a lot have said the games will be fine on 6 cores for a few years to come as they won’t miss out on catering to the 4c/6c group .. but I understand if you want the best possible performance 8cores may come into play in the next few years but I still think mid 100’s (FPS) will be fine on 6c for a fair few years yet