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  1. Does anyone know what the stock fan curve for the gpu is out the box ? Using afterburner and for some reason after a couple days it loses the gpu so I can’t use the custom fan curve or check temps etc ?
  2. I shouldn’t have to, Thats not where the download is meant to be going, I want it on my usb but it ignores it and try’s to down load the installer on to the computer without me being able to pick the download location
  3. Hey, I’ve just finally put my computer together and everything seems great, the bios is all in order, but when I came to downloading the win10 install media onto my usb, it doesn’t recognise I have one Installed and I can’t download it ? I also have no space on my computer which I’m trying to do the download on so it ignores my free usb stick and just says clear space on drive “x” instead of allowing me to pick my usb to download it onto ? any help would be appreciated as I’m just sat looking at a lovely computer but can’t use it !
  4. Currently in the same situation looking for a mobo for a 3600, sadly the tomahawk Max is sold out where I am, but the mortar Max from msi is also 3rd gen ready and has great specs and same price area, it is a mATX though or you have a gaming pro max from msi, 3rd gen ready but not as many thrills. from what I understand they all have the same vrms just look a little different aesthetically
  5. Are you getting a cut from mortar sales ?! Because you’re really selling it I think I’ll go mortar then if I can fit the fans in as the SATA is still the same pretty much and even then I know you can daisy chain SATA cables to your SSD’s ... the only other issue is that it’s a Corsair case (220t icue) and the fans and RGB system is so weird and only works with its self, so if I remember right, the fans have 2 cables one for power to mobo and other to the RGB node ? If that’s the case will I still be able to daisy chain the power cable for two fans out of one mobo connection and p
  6. Yeah I understand, I would like the mortar just rather full ATX for my case and aesthetics, plus the extra SATA ports and fan headers which I need for aio With 2 fans and 4 other fans in my case, also I’d be using my GPU for display output anyway. But it’s annoying id rather the mortar if it was ATX
  7. Okay so it’s purely an aesthetic not performance change being a mATX, I’ll see if that suits my case etc otherwise the black and red gaming pro max from msi is still basic but decent thermals and power output ?
  8. Just had a look and they have both the mortar and gaming plus max, am I right in saying the mortar is only In mATX ?
  9. Yeah that’s what my other worry is as I read some buyer comments and they said the bios can’t be promised etc so I will look for another msi max board. the storage should be fine then for a few months until I buy another SSD
  10. Good idea I will search them now, I’m not oc’ing or anything just running 2070s and 3600 for gaming so want billy basic but with the safety of beefy VRMs if I need it ! And great it’s only for a few months until I can buy an SSD
  11. Yeah I completely forgot about the mortar I will check that out and if not may look at the msi gaming pro max, I know it’s a bit more budget but I’m not doing any crazy OC’s and as for the Ssd I had a crucial ready but I’ll get it in a couple months just wanted to be sure I could get by for a while on the 1TB
  12. Hey guys ! I was planning on ordering a tomahawk max for my 3600 but due to being out of stock I’m uncertain what’s the next best thing for it’s price range ? ive been looking at a ASUS ROG strix b450-F gaming, will this match up to the tomahawk ? thanks in advance ! also a bonus question I was going to get a 1TB nvme and a 1TB SSD but can only afford the 1, will a 1TB be enough to get me going on my OS and all my game launchers and a few games ?
  13. I’m looking to buy the 220T Case from Corsair but wanted to know from any owners if I could fit a 300mm GPU with a AIO mounted at the front as well ? I’ve seen online and what others say but seems to be mixed and get different answers for Max GPU lengths plus AIO’s etc ! any help would be great