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  1. I don't have a controller attached (I used to have one attached but not anymore) and I am not running on a VM. This doesn't happen in any other game or application, just this one.
  2. So I got lifeless planet from Epic this weekend for free and I am having an issue. Without any input on my part I am running in circles. This only happens on my desktop. My laptop runs it just fine. I have a link to a video I took below. Any ideas? https://youtu.be/Y5flCSu7OEU
  3. Thank you for your answers guys. The only reason I am even thinking to upgrade the CPU is potential bottlenecks with future GPUs and for increased core counts for engineering work.
  4. So hear me out. I have a system that has a core i7 6700k, 16GB ram, Radeon Vega 56, XFX 750W PSU. I use it for gaming (duh) at 1440p, general office work and web browsing and engineering work (CAD, Simulations). Engineering work tasks benefit both from closk speeds (CAD) and from core count (CFD, FEA) My options are: 1. Go for a new GPU now, looking for a 5700xt (preferably as my monitor is freesync) or 2070 super and postpone building a new system for a couple of years. 2. Wait until new GPUs are out and look for the 5700xt/2070 super equivalents and postpone building a new system for a couple of years. As my system is PCIe gen 3 and the cpu is 5-6 years old now I am a bit worried about bottlenecking the GPU. 3. Go for a full system based on Ryzen 3 (won't really have the budget for it this year but I might be able to sort something out). In this case only the SSDs and the PSU would be salvagable. What would you guys recommend?
  5. Then it is up to you, if you want RGB or not. I don't think the clock speeds are going to be any different so the performance is going to be identical. The only other benefit for waiting is if AMD announces new GPUs during CES 2020 and when they will be available. Bear in mind though that there are reports of GPU prices going up in 2020 due to increased demand of GDDR6.
  6. If the software you are using benefits from CUDA then an nVidia card is the best option for you. Look for a 2070 non-super or a 2070 super on sale. If the software doesn't use CUDA then the 5700xt is the better option at this price point.
  7. If you want RGB and willing to pay more then wait. Otherwise there will be no benefit as the cooling solution will propably be the same
  8. DELL PCs are overpriced pieces of junk. They are the MACs of the PC world.
  9. 1.Consoles are holding gaming development back 2.Not every game has to have multiplayer 3.Battle royale games are sh!t
  10. ROG Strix and Taichi are overpriced in my opinion. I don't like the RED Devil's looks but it does have great reviews. The Sapphire Nitro+ is a great choice (there is a special edition of the Nitro+ with addressable RGB and higher clock speeds), the Sapphire Pulse is also very good, the MSI Gaming X is also great.
  11. Does your RX480 have dual bios? If so, use the bios switch and try again.
  12. Thank you for your time guys. Are there any confirmed dates or rumors about what new GPUs we should be expecting from AMD and nVidia?
  13. The 2080 super is out of my budget. I also have a freesync monitor and, even though I know that nVidia cards can have g-sync enabled with some freesync monitors, my monitor is not on the "supported" list and I don't want to risk it.
  14. Hi All I am thinking of upgrading from a Vega 56 to a RX 5700 XT for gaming at 1440p. The rest of the system is a core i7 6700k, an m.2 nvme hard drive and 16gigs of ram. Is it worth spending the money for an upgrade in GPU or not?
  15. Gamer's Nexus have tested almost all the 5700 XT GPUs out there, the XFX ones did not do well in terms of temperatures. I know it is not the XT but a company will tend to use the same cooler as it makes sense from a manufacturing/cost point of view. The Pulse series from Sapphire is generally good as it scored really well in thermals and noise.