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  1. Good to know! What's wrong with the AP-GM? (other than MEIC's highly suspect engineering experience )
  2. Nope. Any quality 450w PSU would be plenty power for that system. A bad PSU will not make your system throttle. It might turn off, make crazy noises, burn your house down, but it won't make your system underperform. Still, you need to get a better PSU for your system. Where are you buying from?
  3. Honestly, you shouldn't be expecting random people on reddit to know your curriculum. Had they known anything about PSUs in general, they would have also known that nobody should be allowed to open their PSU without voiding the warranty. At the end of the day, they ain't getting what they're asking for, no need to waste your time with them.
  4. Corsair units aside, what would be your personal top 10?* (the answer to that question would probably help the "cultists" refine the tier list) *of course if you want you can include Corsair units, but then please make it top 15-20
  5. Most likely the smell of soldering flux, it happens once the PSU heats up (that's completely normal).
  6. I know what you meant, but he might misinterpret this @WaitDontSh00t : do NOT open the power supply.
  7. You can send me one, I'm not saying no to a free RMx !
  8. Again, we're not saying "the 2021 RMxs are unbearably loud", we're saying "they don't need to be louder than the older model". (the computerbase review is comparing the 2021 RM650x to the RM650, not the 2018/2015 RM650x). As for the whole "your hard drive, your GPU and your case fans are going to be louder anyways", I respectfully disagree. The minority of people that's willing to pay more for a PC that you won't notice in a silent room (in a calm neighborhood) can achieve that by : using fans with NO motor noise (NF-A12x25, or Arctic P12 PWM below 1000 RPM)* watercoolin
  9. I agree with you that there's some overreacting going on, but one can rightfully be disappointed by the poor decision-making going on with the aforementioned company. When the head of R&D is firmly opposing counterproductive changes only to be told to go kick rocks, frustration is to be expected. The 2018 RMx wasn't just the best bang-for-the-buck PSU out there, it almost was an irreproachable unit : high-end performance, highly durable, compact, good pricing and ultra-quiet. Yes, the in-line caps are a pain, but you can resleeve the cables individually and get rid of the caps, and
  10. Yeah I was wrong here : You should be able to hibernate just fine.
  11. From what I understand, it's the other way around ; ErP enabled : power consumption below 0.5W ErP disabled : power consumption above 0.5W Even when the computer is off, +5VSB still delivers power. This is why you can see some motherboards with their RGB still lit up even after computer shutdown, or why you can sometimes charge your phone through the USB with the PC turned off. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that the only power that is delivered with ErP enabled is there to keep BIOS settings in memory. With ErP enabled, you probably won't be able to "hibernate" no
  12. For a quieter Corsair PSU, I can only think of 2 options : - buying a larger capacity unit (1200W should be enough?) and running it in semi-passive mode (that's what Seasonic does with its fanless model) - buying an RMi/HXi once the iCue development team updates the software to allow for lower minimum RPMs, and leaving it at a constant 600RPM : always cool, no ramping up of the fan ; @jonnyGURU : Have you guys noticed premature fan failures with the riffle bearing? (why is it being replaced by the ML one?)
  13. This brand does sell some good products indeed, you might want to read this topic that already discussed it : https://linustechtips.com/topic/1277797-random-psu-brand-competitive-or-less-than-normal-price-beautiful-look-sleeved-or-black-cables-only-available-in-iran-local-may-i-trust/
  14. That's not how it works ; A true 500W PSU will deliver 500W regardless of its efficiency. It's just that a more efficient PSU will draw less power from the wall to deliver those watts. Example : 93% efficiency : to deliver 500W, it draws 500x100/93 = 537.6 W from the wall 88% efficiency : to deliver 500W, it draws 500x100/88 = 568.2 W from the wall What's your budget, and where are you buying from?
  15. A very long time ago, you once said that capacitors have very different behaviours depending on how they are used ; You were specifically referring to the fact that a specific capacitor might do a great job inside a PSU while being out of place on a motherboard. I never got to read the explanation on why that is, and I'm still curious to know why Teapo SCs carry such a bad reputation to this day ; If it's not too much to ask, can you shed some light on this?