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  1. just know if they are not all the same gb size they will not work as a triple channel
  2. i can't help you with voltage but i know that ddr 3 can support up to 32 gb ram (8 per stick)
  3. Ok so i have a gigabyte b250m-d2v motherboard sad bad but working fine i want to buy this ram: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WF9LM8Z/ref=twister_B07WR27GKK?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 and ive looked its ddr4 2400mhz and it should be working i just want to make sure im not missing anything and thats all i need to know anyway thanks if u help oh and btw this is another option: https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-2400MHz-Desktop-HX424C15FB3K2-32/dp/B07WD5V723/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=32GB%2B2400MHz%2BDDR4&qid=1578586913&s=electronics&sr=1-19&th=1 its the same but no rgb and you can't really see my pc anyway so might go for this since its cheaper
  4. you know what f*ck the m.2 i buying 2 16 g ram sticks and im done
  5. im trying to even find a new one i dont trust refurb
  6. ive been looking for the past 20 min and i cannot find a new one guess 7th gen is getting old
  7. i have a gigabyte b250m-d2v and i dont like it at all 2 ram slots no m.2 support and more i have an i7 7700 and i want to upgrade the 3 things i need are 1 m.2 slot 4 ram slots and and 6+ usb ports i do not understand motherboards very good and if you can help ill be very happy thanks
  8. I have an rtx 2070 super from asus and an i7 7700 (non k) is it worth upgrading to a better cpu? (if yes and you can recommend pls do) i play 1440p 144hz
  9. i have a rog strix rtx 2070 s (3 fans) i want to overclock i was wondering how much is safe for that type of card?
  10. i have a rog strix rtx 2070 s (3 fans) i want to overclock i was wondering how much is safe for that type of card?
  11. a store near me has a tx650m gold should i buy it?
  12. and if you can recommend a 650 w psu ill be very happy not too expensive tho
  13. 16 ram i dont remember the speed but it is a hyperx fury gddr 4 im playing 2k modern warfare and star citizen