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  1. I cannot get it to listen to told speeds even if its the same as xmp what am i doing wrong?
  2. Yea xmp is fine but I want to get it running at 3800mhz cl16-15 as a b-die it should have no problem I'll try playing around with it some more
  3. xmp works but when I disable it and try to manually get it to higher speeds it just boots up on the default 2133 anyone got an idea why? Or am I doing wrong? (very new to this) kit is F4-3600C16D-32GTRS all of the other specs are in the signature
  4. I just downloaded CPU-Z it it fucking shows 3600 mhz when hw info shows 2000 ffs what is true then
  5. I fround it on hwinfo it shows a simular name i mean hwinfo says F11n and the latest bios on gigabyte's says F11p ill try updating to that
  6. There is one version newer than mine i think how do i check what bios i am on currently?
  7. My ram is in slots 1&3 and i know its recommended to put them in 2&4 should i try that?
  8. My signature has my entire pc in it... its there in large yellow font
  9. vision D is there with ryzen 5000, any idea why its not working?
  10. I enabled XMP and the ram still only shows as 2066 on hw info the kit is F4-3600C16D-32GTRS help?
  11. They didn't include a stock cooler since they know it will run super hot and they have no point in wasting metal on something no one will use
  12. its only for around 20 days and reason is I want an ek-aio elite
  13. Ended up going for warranty turns out its an issue these screen have something about the liquid crystals freezing in place
  14. My current is intel/nvidia but I'm going amd for cpus since they do beat intel at gaming with more cores
  15. A video I just saw reminded me of the fact that the new consoles have 8 cores in them that means 8 cores will be enough for the next how many years till next gen (I assume 7 like we had now) so I think I'll take the 5900x and that will probably last
  16. also the only thing I really need to give up is the cable mod cables for the pc and stay with the normal psu cables for like 2 months instead of having them now
  17. I already have a planned cooler x73 for both and a 5900x could probably not get 5ghz either will a 5950x maybe if you're lucky but will this upgrade benefit in the 5-8 year time frame?
  18. Hmm I couldn't have gotten a better comment tbh But i do plan on keeping the cpu in this new system for 5-8 years (we will see) so will it benefit that time frame?
  19. Yea price right now is not the problem I'm saying will it survive longer like I would need to upgrade a mobo and cpu 2 years later or one year later than the 5900x
  20. Do you think one will be needed to be upgrade faster than the other? I found a 5950x in stock at a store and wonder if its worth to just get it and hold on to it longer?
  21. still b die prob can get it much lower and that's not my choice how much tax they take