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  1. is corsair rmx 2018 better than the 2015 version?
  2. is ASUS PRIME A320M-K recommended for ryzen 3200g?
  3. heard good things about the hyperx cloud / cooler master mh751/752
  4. thanks. i've already tried some lower priced fans and they are really loud when they reach 800-900 rpm,had some silentiumpc sigma pro 120mm which are decent and pretty silent until 900rpm but they don't blow enough air, came to the conclusion that i rather play a premium price for something silent that blows air as well and not just tickles the dust of the components. anyways i've already ordered 1x silent wings 3 120mm for exhaust since the stock 120mm cooler master fan that came with the case make a strange virbrating noise once it reaches 700-800 rpm those noctua fans look good but aren't the p14s series designed for static pressure? will i not benefit more from the noctua s12b series which are for airflow since i have a case with a mesh in front?
  5. sure ,but then the fan behind the second mounted fan on the radiator should be an exhaust or an intake? cause now i have an exhaust, and the exhaust fan is taking the air behind the fan that should push the air into the radiator
  6. no it's not. this is not the stock voltage. like i said , ppl usually OC with these voltage
  7. yes , i have enabled XMP to run my ram at 3200mhz,which is the preset profile 1 . how do i turn MCE off? i even have that asus enhanced thing off so it won't increase the voltages lol, and i still get these voltages btw i have asus z370 prime II board edit : so MCE is already disabled. i have checked now
  8. why do i get in hwinfo 1.33V on all cores as the maximum voltage the cores have reached. isn't that too much for a stock i5 9600k? saw other people OC'ing it at these voltages
  9. there are 2 different topics,so i don't know what you're saying. i thought there is a more general answer to this . i have a silentiumpc fera 3 with the stock cooler instalaed in such a way that the air is blowing away from the radiator. which is the same way it's instalated in the tutorial/manual. my question was reffering a second fan instalation, if it should face the same position like first, i dunno how i can be more clear than that.
  10. asus z370 pii i5 9600k rx 570 corsair rm650x 16gb ddr4 cooler master mb511 i've purchased 3 arctic f12 120mm but they are loud at even 900 rpm. i will return them and get something else. maybe pure wings 2 120mm are more silent
  11. so the second fan should face the same position as the first stock fan? with the air blowing away from the radiator?
  12. i struggle to sit at the desk comofortable without my wrist hurting, i don't really know what else i can try
  13. i need some suggestions for some really comfortable headphones under 80EURO. now i have some superlux hd681 evo, eventho the sound is decent they are really uncomfortable for me after 20-30 minutes of use, i have tried both velour and pleather pads but the pressure on my years is too much(and i don't even have a big head) eventho i stretched the band as much as i could.
  14. yes why you say that? there is an option in wattmman to turn 0 rpm mode off. it runs at 50C in idle the fan is not on and at 40C if fan is on and yeah, what you said isn't adressing my problem at all
  15. so i have an rx 570 which has a fan curve set from wattman, (0 rpm fan mode off) and it stays on idle at 1300rpm. the only problem is that if put pc on sleep, after it resumes the fans auto enters in 0 rpm fan mode and the only way to turn on the fan again is to restart pc. any thoughts on this? i'm pretty sure this an amd gpu problem because i had 2 version of rx 570 and both had the same issue