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  1. My BIOS doesn't have an option for it, I've looked and its dedicated graphics (Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500)
  2. That's my problem. The value is not increasing no matter what I do. It will just stay at 128MB even when playing a modern title such as R6 Siege
  3. Thanks for the advice. I guess i'll do that. Should I get the basics that probably won't change such as a case and motherboard? Seeing as i'm not looking for the best of the best I don't see why an updated motherboard would put me behind too much.
  4. So I have a bit of a problem. I'm currently working on getting all the necessary parts for a PC but that may take me a couple of years to finish. For now though, I have a laptop with about 8GB of RAM. At the moment, only 128MB of memory is dedicated to video. Would it be possible to increase this?