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  1. Solar, so I was reading you post about 144vs240. So I have a Asus XG258 TN panel I "run" at 240.


    I bought the AW 27" 240hz IPS, but if I push it to 240 the monitor blacks out for .5-1 full second. Is that because its all BS @240 still?


    IPS seemed to have way better color, so is a 2k IPS at 144 better than 1080 240?  All I do it bame.  Thanks!

    1. SolarNova


      When u say "when i push it to 240hz the monitor blacks out for .5-1 second" do u mean it constantly does that, or just does it once then its fine ?


      If its constantly flickering like that at 240hz it could be caused by a variety of reasons, from a software issue on ur PC, to settings on the monitor itself, and ofc just having a faulty display.

      I would 1st try disabling variable refresh rate on the monitor and within windows. If its the display i think it is, its a newer freesync display, and if ur running a Nvidia GPU and the monitors firmware, or more likely, ur drivers are not up to date it may not be entirely Gsync compatible without them updated.


      As for 2k IPS 144hz  vs 1080p 240hz.  It depends entirely on the displays ur comparing. There are a bunch of 144hz  1440p IPS displays that have been reviewed, some are good, but equality u can now find good 1080p IPS 240hz displays, i know of 1 particular 1080 IPS 240hz display that has been reviewed and is excellent.

      The Acer Nitro XV273X .

      it performed exceptionally well for a 240hz monitor. VERY good factory calibration, good image quality, great response speed for a IPS, and from the looks of it also very well calibrated BFi.

      if u want to stick with IPS but also want 1080p 240hz, then consider it. otherwise to stick with IPS ull be looking at 1440p 144hz with the likes of the ASUS TUF VG27AQ or BenQ EX2780Q

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