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  1. tldr: losing video output signal at some point during the boot, lauching in safe mode results in blue screen. (specs and things I tryed to fix it are in the text below) I wanted to upgrade some of my components in my working system (i5 6600k, RTX2070s, Z170 Asus MB, 8GB RAM, 500W BeQuiet psu, 1TB M.2 SSD).So I bought an AMD 3800X an AsRock X570 MB and 16GB RAM. After replacing those components in my system, i got no Video output when starting the PC. All the cables were connected and i even waited 1h, just in case some drivers were still installing. After that i tryed different monitors, cables and ports on my GPU with no success. Since i had ordered a 2700X, a B450 MB and 8GB RAM for a friend aswell i started swapping components with my system to find the error, but that didn't change anything. Then i figured that the GPU (which was working fine previously and in my brothers system aswell) must be the issue, so i changed it to an old Radeon 4800. It worked and i was able to install windws hoping this could make my 2070s work aswell. I also tryed to install the 2070s drivers, which is sadly impossible while the card is not connected. At this Point i also tryed to: - Update the BIOS - Use an older BIOS version - force my PCIe slot to use Gen 3 - putting the GPU in different PCIe slots - use a working gtx 970 (no video output aswell) - connect the Radeon 4800 and the 2070s at the same time to install the drivers But nothing i did helped. So on my 3rd day on trying to get the Pc to work i removed my M.2 and put another clean ssd in my system and finally got a video output out of my 2070s. I was able to install Windows and my GPU-drivers. After reebooting once i always see the AsRock logo and can get into the BIOS, but at some point during the boot to windows the video outout is lost again and i get no signal. When trying to boot in safemode i am getting an immediate blue screen shutting my PC off. Since im working on this issue already my entire weekend every suggestion would be appreciated. P.S.: i Probably forgot to list some other thing i tryed, and sorry for spelling or grammer mistakes, english is not my first language.
  2. Thanks for you suggestion, sadly it did not help, i still get no signal out of my 2070s. I even tryed different BIOS versions with no succes.
  3. Hello, i just finished building my new PC with an AMD 3800X, an AsRock X570 MB, and a 2070s FE. When i first tryed to boot the system i had no video output. i swapped in an old Radeon HD 4800 and now i can boot normally. I tested my new 2070s in a different System aswell, where it worked just fine. Did anyone had this problem before, or knows a solution?