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  1. Is it gonna cook my laptop if I set it to 4k?
  2. Is there a good guide that explains how to use it? I'm not great with these kinds of programs.
  3. So here's my situation, I'm trying to connect steam link to my tv and the way it might work for me is to stream to the laptop and just output the hdmi to the tv
  4. Can I set a custom resolution on my laptop in order to output a signal to a TV?
  5. Thanks anyways man, just infuriating that steam makes the tools but LG just don't care
  6. Do you know of a way to get steam link app on a LG TV?
  7. Is it possible to install Google play on a LG TV?
  8. Is there a way to install Google play on LG smart tv's?
  9. Thanks for the research, man steam make it so difficult to use the good features they have
  10. I have an old toshiba laptop, can I set a custom resolution which is above the laptops screen resolution and then connect it to the tv with hdmi?
  11. So, iv'e bought red dead redemption on steam and I enjoy it so my dad told me he wants to play too, but he would like to use the tv for it, so is there anyway I can stream from my pc to my lg smart tv and and use a controller for playing?
  12. What is the benefit of using them? I had many problems with them like: mic not picking up, audio signal is glitchy and some other minor ones. I deleted the drivers and now my audio doesn't glitch or has problems is there any reason to switch back? Btw as you can see i'm really not knowledgeable on the subject.
  13. I assumed it's fake but it does what it states so far, the only thing is that it might not function while passing a surten data size.
  14. So, I browsed ebay searching for USB flash drives, and a lot of 2TB drives came up and some of them even stated 3.0 USB standart. Most of the listings were from China (not any speciefic region), and most of them even had the USB certification. I thought it was fishy but because of the shear volume of listings I assumed they were legit, so I orderd one (for the price of 7 usd) and actually got it in time, a rare accoruns on Ebay, I hooked it to my pc and got about 15 MB/s trasfer speed. SanDisk 128GB flash drives cost about 20 usd with transfer speed of 100 MB/s transfer speed, so Sandisk flash drives transfer speed is 5x the cheap ebay one but its capacity is 18x lower, so it doesn't make any sense to buy it in 3x the price. Excuse my english it's not my first langauge, I would like to here your thoughts about how can a Chinese company can make 2TB flash drives and sell them for 7 usd, and why is a company like SanDisk be so behind.