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  1. Could you give me a list, i'm not aware of diffrent models
  2. So iv'e got an old android tablet with android 4 on it and i'm looking into replacing an OS and would like recommendations on what OS's would benefit a low-powered tablet.
  3. I need a phone at about 470 Usd. Mainly focused on specs: large store, fast chip, less about camera and features.
  4. How you'd go about changing the country Netflix thinks you're and provides speciefic content dependet on your country. I know you'd say use a vpn but if so what vpn and how to go about it, secondly i'd rather do it for free if there's a good way to it.
  5. how to mass extract audio from videos? iv'e got some music videos that I want to extract audio form, there are more than a 100 so I need something which can do it quickly or by multiple extractions.
  6. Is hwinfo.com the place you wanna get hardware info?
  7. I want a 2 in 1 at around 600-800 dollars whats the best option?
  8. I want to buy a skin for my Dell vostro 7590, but Dbrand has a skin for the xps 7590 I would like to know if they're built the same or there would be a problem with it.
  9. Is it gonna cook my laptop if I set it to 4k?
  10. Is there a good guide that explains how to use it? I'm not great with these kinds of programs.
  11. So here's my situation, I'm trying to connect steam link to my tv and the way it might work for me is to stream to the laptop and just output the hdmi to the tv
  12. Can I set a custom resolution on my laptop in order to output a signal to a TV?