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  1. Yes and it is updated. I never ignore GeForce Experience's notification of new drivers. Had way too many problems as a youth doing that, had to learn the hard way.
  2. The display cable that came with the monitor.
  3. So everything was going great with my new Omen X Emperium. Outside of a trail-like shadow on avatars when I scroll in chats on Discord there wasn't any issues .. until I started watching Netflix. So long as scenes are lit the picture is fine. The issue is when darkness comes into play. It almost looks like there's a another image behind the main image being displayed, amorphous blobs that completely distort the lines on objects such as clothing or items in general. It gets really bad. Is there a setting I'm missing or something? Right now I have my resolution set at 3840x2160 running at 120hz. Either it's my imagination or it was a lot worse at 60hz. I just within the last ten minutes changed it to 120hz. Also. How in the nine hells do I turn HDR on?!
  4. 3140 x 2160. I don't recall the cooler brand off hand but the fins are mostly clean as is the fan, which is spinning.
  5. When I run SWTOR or other games my CPU temps are high eighties to nineties but my GPU stays nice and cool. I'm running a 6700k with a 2080 ti. I'm pretty sure the CPU is holding the GPU back but here's my question. Is there a way to force more of the load onto the GPU or will I just have to deal with high CPU temps until I get the new 9900k build up and running? I've touched the case often while gaming to make sure it wasn't getting too hot. The glass panel gets warm to the touch and the side the board sits on gets a little hotter than that, never close to hot enough to force me to pull my hand away. When I put my hand behind the tower the air being pushed out is warm but not hot so I don't think heat is a terrible issue right now. I can build computers all day long but when it comes to things like this I'm still pretty new. Quick edit. I'm running said games on the highest detail possible. That's probably to blame.
  6. I've always built mine. This time I went with Digital Storm because I didn't feel like dealing with the returns process on DoA parts, which New Egg has been notorious for with me and my friends. It might just be bad luck but at least with this company you can still build it to your desire. I'd never buy off a shelf though. You end up spending more to both buy the PC and upgrade it. I have a total of four computers in the house right now ranging from the late nineties to current day. Every five years or so I build another one to make sure I stay on top of the coming games. The recent switch will be a 970 GTX and 6700k to a 2080 ti and 9900k.
  7. I'm beginning to hate it too. My new build is right around the corner and I'm going with a Gigabyte Z390. Killer can burn in HFIL. I wasn't sure if the temps were bad or not, I'm no professional. I plan to pair it with a 9900k to match the Omen Emperium X I gifted myself for Christmas. I just want to make sure I can do some 4k goodness without turning my bedroom into the next Fallout game.
  8. I've been watching Linus for a good while but this is the first time I've come here, call it procrastination. 1. Killer network drivers are driving me up a wall. I tried using Live Update 6 to install the latest network drivers and it not only killed the Ethernet port, no internet, but got me stuck in a loop of being asked to restart the computer to continue ... after restarting ... over and over again. I had to use my laptop to download their uninstaller on a thumb drive and kill it on my PC. Thank god I kept the driver CDs for the board. Is this is a known issues or am I just unlucky? 2. Recently I invested in a 2080 ti. I've read that these run hot and mine so far, on 1080p, hits around 60-73 degrees Celcius. Is this normal? And if possible I'd love case suggestions for maximum air cooling. I have two 200m fans in the front but I don't think the lone 120 on the back is enough to jettison the heat fast enough. I'm using the CoolerMaster H500 case for those who're wondering. Also, I'm tired and fresh out of work. If I screwed up describing the fan sizes blame that.