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  1. Hearing aid better or worse for gaming
  2. Hearingaids better or worse for gaming?
  3. jojje

    hearing aids

    Yes, I know, but I thought Linus is Linus. There is software to make your own settings.
  4. jojje

    hearing aids

    Hi. I wonder if you've tried to use hearing aids for your gaming experiences, sound wise ?. They have many advantages but also disadvantages. I have phonak with streamer device connected to my mobile, which I can also connect to other bluetooth devices but also 3.5 mm audio output. I have strong, double-sided tinnitus so it helps me cope with everyday life. There are many different manufacturers, but what I am most surprised about is the long battery life. Without the streamer about 10 days, with the streamer and high usage about 3-4 days. Maybe something for your youtube channel to record? Sincerely George Nilsson Sweden