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  1. BTW you don't need to assume that everyone is stupid.... I have in my hand a box that says this fan moves 96 CFM, I know how to count, this is a case of someone on amazon sold me a product that is not what I was expecting, I was expecting an authentic product the pic is not the same however close it may look it is different. But thanks for being rude though, I really needed that 🤨 

    1. Flying Sausages

      Flying Sausages

      What is going on? Let me hop into the fight too.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      probably a classified sales complaint.

    3. ChrisEvenson


      there is no fight, just someone how was being rude

  2. yes i know 64.9 is lower than 80 strange enough the box I have here actually says it does 96 CFM so.... now clicking on their link it does indeed say 64.9 on the website but the box in my hand right now does say 96 CFM.... I will just buy a different fan all together now. i dont trust these ones I bought online, very strange..... Thank you guys.... really appreciate it
  3. the new fan I have is much better tech spec wise, I am not worried about the tech spec part but I am worried about perhaps a fire due to the material of the new fan or something like that. The new fan is the same thickness and weighs a little more than the old one. Anyone out there think this will work safely? here is a link to the website for the new 140mm fan: https://www.aerocool.com.tw/au/cooling/dead-silent/ds-14c here is a link to the PSU.... mine is the 1300 watt model: https://antec.com/documents/product/power-High_Current_Pro_Platinum_1300_Manual_EN_v1.pdf
  4. Cool, I am just a little curious what would make you feel uncomfortable about doing that? Is it the high current danger of opening the PSU or would it perhaps be something like the danger of the new fan inches away from all insides of the PSU?
  5. Hello everyone, I have a ANTEC 1300w HCP Continuous Power PSU, The fan does not spin anymore and needs to be replaced. I was hoping perhaps someone here might know if I can use one of my leftover red AeroCool Dead Silence 140mm fans, with a slight bit of customization. Being this is a pretty high current PSU I was really looking for someone else's opinion about swapping the fan out. Thanks everyone & anyone