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  1. like 100GB for windows, and a data drive with about 800GB, for organization u kno. or should i just make my c drive the entire 1TB
  2. yea i guess it makes sense to just put my most played games with c drive lol. thx
  3. is there any specific reason putting windows on the entire drive will benefit me? I feel like it would be more organized if I make a big partition for the stuff im gonna put on the m.2, and a small partition for windows
  4. so dont partition it just install windows on the entire drive right?
  5. sorry if this is irrelevant to the post, but is the sabrent rocket a good choice theres an offer that ends in 7 hours lol
  6. yeah, seems like a hassle. might just get the m.2 for windows, and store my games on the hdd
  7. if i install my most played games on an m.2 nvme (100gb partition for windows, and 800gb partition for storgae) will it overheat?
  8. oh ur m.2 slot is literally right behind the gpu, gotcha. epic cable mgmt btw my rig looks like shit was yeeted in there lol
  9. my m.2 slot is right above the gpu, also i thought the m.2 heat sinks are the same size as the ssd itself
  10. I hear about m.2 ssds overheating, if im planning to install my most used games on my m.2 will it overheat, and cause problems?
  11. appreciate ur help I'll just look for lower read/writes lol