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  1. the guide i was using didnt mention dual wan. so not sure how i would do that. i had put 3 pia servers in openvpn clients. set them up as interfaces. put them in a gateway group. then adjusted firewall and nat so all traffic on lan had to use the vpn gateway group. when checking gateway status it showed the vpn interfaces as "pending" although the openvpn showed and "up" on all 3. I have limited experience with pfsense and not much else.
  2. I did try a different server. It worked again. Actually the original server came back online within a minute and was fine. idk what you mean by setting up vpn connections "IN" PIA? I set multiple up in pfsense, but the gateway status was always pending and I couldnt get online.
  3. When the connection went out i pulled up the webgui and the vpn server was down. I know my internet was still working because my buddy was still gaming. My pfsense box is on the backend of a netgear router. So could be a bug with pfsense? Either way I am still interested in a failover setup
  4. So to begin lets assume I'm a networking dummy, so any follow-on advice please break it down "Barney Style". I built a mini-itx pc inside a Velka 3. Installed Pfsense. Used some beginner Youtube videos and online guides. I also used PIA's pfsense guide to get a VPN up an running. However one problem: When the server drops out I'm left without internet and this really sucks during online game play. So what I'm getting at is I need help setting up my pfsense so that it has failover to other PIA servers. fyi: I tried using a rough guide that used vpn interfaces and gateway groups. I think I probably over complicated the firewall rules and NAT. Please help!