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  1. The FTC person in the video said they have tools to rapidly go through channels and find people who violate this. It doesn't matter what your stuff looks like, if you swear, or what's in the video, if it looks like it is for kids from a distance, it will invoke the fine and the minimum fine is $42,000.
  2. This video by Jang bricks has a really good breakdown of this going over COPPA, the Settlement, Youtubes response, and what it all means. It doesn't matter if you swear. If google doesn't automatically flag it, and the FTC thinks your video targets kid, 42k fine, at the least, FOR ONE VIDEO. That's not counting other videos in your channel. If you have ten videos the FTC deems to be targetting children through their own algorithims or tools, which can't differentiate an action figure from a statue, and a small child action figure to a collectors piece, or one of their people thinks it is, that's $420,000 in fines right there. This affects everything, coverage of toys, conventions, video games, movies, pretty much everything on youtube really. Google/Youtube, has tossed the content creators under the bus rather than police itself. They won't cover you. They will not protect you. The only real protection you have is "I make content that targets kids." Context does not matter here for the FTC, even Cosplay isn't protected with this If you think you can just take it to court to get rid of it, just remember, how much that actually costs, and if you have the means to do it, as you likely do not. Someone with a lot of resources would need to be the person to do it, as most do not.