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  1. poppasilk


    Corsair vengeance pro 16g ddr4 3200, meshify c. Budget 50-175, online mostly. Just dont want anything super loud. Currently wraith prism is a jet engine under load
  2. poppasilk


    I've read a lot of post on aio and air coolers trying to decipher which would be best for me. I know there is a lot of these posts so I apologize. I have a ryzen 7 2700x, I'm still learning to overclock and I'd like to push is as far as I can. That being said I've looked at 240mm aios and a couple different noctua coolers. Id like it to be decently quiet under load. I can handle some noise but not jet engine like the stock cooler. If I could get some insight I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  3. How did you connect the controller? Do you have bluetooth on your system?
  4. poppasilk


    Looking for a controlled for some games on the pc. Anyone have any recommendations? Does the scuf controller's work with pc? Thanks
  5. Same thing lol will be wife computer for editing. Ill just game on it but trying to do it on the cheap but dont want to be outdated which is hard in the world of tech Haha
  6. Have the chance to buy a used Ryzen 2700x for $100 that includes wraith prizim cooler that hasn't been overclocked or used a whole lot. Good deal or no?
  7. Yes I keep my pc on desk... I cant think really think of why I'd need extra expansion slots either. Thanks
  8. Looking for some help on a build. I'd like to build a nice gaming rig, the problem I'm having is that I like the small itx builds but I worry about future upgrades and if newer components will fit it it. Am I losing out on anything by going itx or should I go atx? Need some insight thanks l.