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  1. Yeah don't want RGB on this build lol.
  2. https://www.crucial.com/memory/ddr4/bl2k16g36c16u4b/CT16856759 Are these sticks dual rank? Can't seem to find that information? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have experience with patriots blackout? How does it overclock?
  4. I'm just trying to make sure I understand that with B550 mobo if you have gpu and m.2, the m.2 will still be able to be pcie 4? Thanks
  5. Thanks for responding i appreciate it!
  6. Yes it does, thanks for responding i appreciate it
  7. I'm running ryzen 5950x looking to upgrade memory. I've watched gamers nexus 2 v 4 sticks but wondering if i get 2 dual rank sticks will i get the same outcomes as if I ran 4 single rank sticks? Thanks for the help.
  8. Are RipJaw V and or Crucial Ballistic Elite ram any good?
  9. Getting a 5950x and need some recommendations for a motherboard. Will be overclocking. Thanks
  10. poppasilk

    Air Cooler

    Currently have a 2700x but looking to potentially upgrade to zen 3 thanks
  11. I am using ryzen thanks for the input
  12. Looking to upgrade ram to either 32gb-64gb for editing/gaming. Does Cas latency matter that much? Seems the bigger the ram stick, the higher the Cas latency. What do you guys use? Thanks
  13. poppasilk

    Air Cooler

    Trying to decide between a Noctua u12a and u12s. Is there a big performance difference? Looking to quiet down my pc from a wraith prism. I game/photo edit and would like to eventually start overclocking in near future. Thanks Also other cooler recommendations welcome