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  1. Lubuntu works like a charm, the computer takes 1 minute circa to boot and it's very fast with applications, but I think that the Intel Atom N450 is the major performance bottleneck therefore it won't work flawlessy. I'm planning to download 1 more GB of ram and I hope this will be enough to make this last for a couple of years more Thank you all for your support!
  2. Thank you, today the raspberry arrived and I've tried unsuccesfully to watch netflix with raspbian. I'm having fun trying to make everything work, I'm using a ps2 case and I need to learn how to code the two buttons in the front to make both a power button and a dvd tray eject button, but so far so good! As for the netbook, that arrived today too, my mom handed it over to me. I'm doing a backup of all the files and then I'll test how much lubuntu works better than windows 7 starter
  3. My build is proceeding good so far, but I can't make the dvd tray work properly. I need to buy a small usb hub with power supply to make it work properly, unfortunately the slim sata adapter don't provide for current input
  4. Do you think that a couple of reboots will suffice? My mother will not really touch the terminal and all that stuff without asking, she knows a little how computer works but mostly she relies on me just because I'm the tech guy of the family. The netbook doesn't even have a dvd drive bay and only usb ports will be used to transfer files to usb drives, so hardware compatibility should not be too much an issue once the system works fine. Coincidentally I've just bought a raspberry pi 4, so I will test it myself when it arrives, and I'm really relieved that you say it's good for netflix because I was worried about it. People online complained that raspberry was not good for streaming because you had to install additional software to make it work. Anyway a Pi is not really the best solution for my mother because it is too different from what she is used to, I'd rather spare some money and buy her a cheap-to-mid priced laptop
  5. I know that an intel atom from 7 years ago will not be as good as an i7 from 2019 but I just want something that takes less than 2 minutes to boot the full OS and 1 full minute to open chrome or chromium, I hope that switching to lubuntu will be enough. I was also considering puppy linux because it is amazingly fast even from an usb drive but I doubt my mom would be happy if her computer will look like windows 95 after my "upgrade"
  6. I think I don't understand properly what you are trying to say, are you willing to buy two computers or just one? If you need a macos I'd suggest you to buy a mac with enough hard disk capacity and install windows with bootcamp. Every time you turn on your computer you will be able to choose wheter to use macos or windows and it's the best solution for playing games at good framerate. Me and my girlfriend tested steam games with parallels desktop 15 which is the best virtual machine available for mac on a 5k retina and it works really bad, so I'd suggest you to resort to bootcamp. If you are willing to buy two computers, are you planning to have a laptop or a desktop for windows? Gaming capable laptops are costly and you probably should look for a second hand computer with an nvidia graphic card. Nvidia is better than amd because you can customize more it's behaviour trough the nvidia control panel and you can get more fps out of weaker cards by tweaking some options
  7. I used to have a netbook with intel atom processor, one of those things that never worked properly as a laptop replacement. I handed it over to my mother She use it mainly for netflix and web browsing and she says that it's too slow at boot and loading apps, so I'm wondering if a linux distro would be a proper solution to revive this failure. I was thinking about Lubuntu, but I'm open to suggestions as long as system requirements are low and the user interface is similar enough to windows to let her use it without any hassle. I am also interested on what to install to make it work without having to call her and give her tech support by phone if something doesn't work properly, any third party solution is welcome and any propietary software is not an issue since it will just be a web surfing machine with an office suite to occasionaly read mail attachment such as word excel and pdf documents
  8. and this https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/apple-boot-camp
  9. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/black-screen-after-upgrading-to-windows-10/cf3b4559-67d8-40e0-9cf2-ebf4528e1e78 check this out
  10. Thanks, that's what I thought too. I should be safe then
  11. Can you boot your windows 10 in provisional mode somehow? There is a driver conflict but since I'm not really a mac user I can't really tell you how to solve it. Is the screen directly attached to your computer or is it connected trough a cable? If so, you could try attach another screen to see if that works. You could also reinstall windows 10 from scratch by formatting the partition... What OS version are you using? is it Catalina?
  12. As title say, I am building a tower-like structure that is made out of wood. The components are mounted with those screws that makes the motherboard not touch the wood directly. The graphic card and the hard drive are mounted in a similar fashion. Everything works perfectly and I'm planning to cover this wooden monster with a perforated aluminium plate (it will look like a grater but the airflow will be good). My only concern is that the wood could eventually catch fire. In the picture it's the unfinished project, I need a couple more things before taking away the grey tape, but it will come off easily once it's over
  13. I did something similar to an old computer that had no mounting holes for any kind of fan. Since I have no sewing tools at home and I'm under quarantine I used some iron nails and a hammer and this is the final result. I need to put some kind of safety grill in the front and call it a win
  14. I'm unsure if this is the right forum section, however I hope that other users here have some experience with this. I'm having fun with a bigger project (took inspiration from Tenius 2 by Gtek, I'm making a monolith like case for my media center computer) and I also wanted to have a smaller side project that I always dreamed of: a computer inside a console (this particular case is a ps2 fat model that no longer work). However I'm having an issue here: since I want to keep the playstation case as original as possible, I need to put extension cables on every slot I need to use. I'm planning to keep the two usb ports in the front but I am not able to find the right usb cable, I don't like the idea of buying two of them separately I also would like to find a micro HDMI to hdmi extension, I only find long conversion cables but I don't want to use those, I need a male to female cable. Can anyone point me to the right direction? So far I've found only a microhmdi to vga converter but the reviews are terrible