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  1. Hello everyone. My mouse scrolls on it's own on some applications, like every time i hover over youtube volume it turns down, windows settings app is unusable because I can't scroll down and every time I hover over some setting that can be tuned with the wheel it goes up or down on it's own. I've tried to reinstall drivers and all that stuff to no avail. Should I try to disassemble it and see if it is a hardware issue like dust etc or should I buy a new one? Edit: windows issue not mouse releated. It didn't stopped but it happens with any mouse
  2. I've settled for a different model because the e14 costs too much in my country but I've gone ryzen after reading some reviews and after I understood that low cost laptops run on intel integrated graphics unless you go amd. Intel graphics sucks on laptops, sorry big blue
  3. Hello to all, I am in need for a laptop that have good battery life and I don't really care much about performance. I already have an asus with i5 and a mobile gtx card, but unfortunately it has some issues when on battery and I have no intention to fix it, i'd rather buy a new one. I'm scared of downgrading tho, because my previous laptop had an intel atom as a CPU and the experience was horrible. I don't want to waste money on low end intel cpus like celeron, but at the same time I recognize my opinion on laptops might be biased. The most intensive task I will ask t
  4. I'd suggest you to wait and buy a board after the cpus will be released. The board you are going to buy may not be compatible enough to push the CPU you are going to buy, so it's safer to wait post-release
  5. Thank you guys in the end and a couple of tests later I decided to settle 3,6 ghz even if the CPU was able to do more, just because it seemed the most stable option and thermals are good. The same games on another computer with an Athlon 3000G were able to perform a lot better although the latter is only a dual core, so I suggested him to buy asap an AM4 platform rather than upgrade the board I gave him
  6. Hello everyone Trough Bios settings alone I was able to get up to 4ghz without any issue whatsoever on this cpu, but I was wondering if it's worth it. Most people set it to 3,6 ghz and apparently after that there are diminished returns. Also I was worried about overheating, I want this board to last at least one more year, better if two. The purpose is gaming, of course. A friend with no money that has a core 2 duo and 4gb ddr2 system will benefit from this board until he can buy ryzen
  7. I second the cooler master solution, but if you sill want one of the two above, the nzxt is aestethically more pleasing but the deepcool have slightly better features. It's all up to you
  8. Thanks to all of you, I feel relieved then. TofuHaroto asked for the specific model but I am not aware right now, it's from be quiet and it's pretty recent I bought it on amazon this year because I needed a spare psu for component testing
  9. Yesterday I've tested an old motherboard that I want to borrow to a friend because his computer sucks. I've hooked up a be-quiet 600w psu to an overclocked i5-750 @ 3,6ghz and I tested some games with 8gb ram (4x2gb) and my old r9 290x Everything worked and I was ready to tell him that everything worked fine, until I used some "psu wattage calculators" online. Apparently 600w is not enough for this system configuration to run properly, I should go for a 650w power supply. Now, those parts would be given for free to him so he can't really complain, but I don't want his
  10. It is very fast, it takes one second or two. The game freeze and the pc powers off, like it was unplugged with no battery left. At restart windows doesn't detect any issue, when my desktop had the same behaviour it told me that "some error occurred" but with the laptop there is no warning nor error messages at reboot
  11. no unfortunately the whole computer shuts down. Maybe it's a overheating issue but I don't think it's the case, temps are not really that much different. It appears that the monitor inputs (HDMI and VGA) are only available for the CPU to use, I can't force the NVIDIA card to use them exclusively. I thought that the issue was connected to that, but PhysiX panel shows that the default display is also connected the same way so idk Is it possible that laptop performance is so bad that it cannot carry GPU power over HDMI?
  12. As title say. This happens very frequently when gaming, once happened while watching netflix and never happens when surfing the web. It has a gtx 940m I've just updated the drivers but the issue persist, no matter the resolution. I'm now going to test it with a monitor I scavenged from another laptop (13" inches same resolution) and with VGA just to see if it is the hdmi port or something else. I can game with the included display with no issues whatsoever (except low graphic settings because laptop and old gpu) Edit no matter what it's the external displ
  13. this is true, unfortunately this is not really an option for me but I'll try to check out where can I go
  14. Hey guys I am literally 3 hours into this research and I think I'm not qualified enough to make a choice. I want to change my monitor which is a quite old LCD monitor 1920x1080 (Philips 273V5LHSB) and now I'm trying to understand what should work best for me. My budget is around 250-300$ but my country prices may differ from yours so feel free to suggest something over this budget if you think it's worth it. I'm looking for a 27' 1440p 16:9 monitor because price, but I am really intrigued by 34' 21:9 I don't care about refresh rates since I think 60hz is enough for me, Ithe m
  15. So this has been asked a couple of times already in the forum but all the threads are 2years old or so I have an i7 3770k system, I cannot change the cpu this is a sabertooth p67 motherboard with 32gb ddr3 memory. Currently I'm sporting a radeon r9 290x I am planning to upgrade the entire machine in two years and I would go for a Ryzen processor, but I'm waiting for zen3 and possibly am5 socket if they are going to release it anytime soon. For now I can only change my graphics card and I want it to be future proof enough to perform well on this