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  1. I have the boards. I am curious about the smart controlling.
  2. Hi, I am planning to add RGB cct led strip to my room. I have a couple of WiFi enabled esp boards, so (as a cost cutting) I am planning to build my own controller. Is there a way to hook it up to smart things? (I have a Samsung TV, which has a hub built in) Thanks for the answers
  3. I am mainly concerned for thermals and longevity.
  4. Hi! I would like to ask what would be the perfect ssd choice for my laptop? (aspire a717 71g) samsung 970 pro vs evo plus? Thanks for tha answers
  5. Thank you for all answers. The problem is solved: moved a large file between the two and it was around 100 MBpS. So I have to adjust my exception about the speeds.
  6. It has i7 7700HQ, so I wouldn't think, that that is the bottleneck. So an avarage 70 MBPS is good? (Remember these are between nvme ssds, no HDDs)
  7. Hi! I would like to ask, why am I seeing ~70MB/s transfer speed (between nvme ssds) on my (supposably) gigabit network. (Everything is gigabit, cable is cat 5e in the wall). However copying speed seems low and only amber led is flashing on the ethernet port. For testing I use my laptop (aspire a717-71G) and pc (Gigabyte z170 hd3p) and a cat 6 patch cable (1 metre). Updated the drivers and still nothing. What is wrong? Thanks for answers
  8. Hi, I have bought a ryzen 5 3600 cpu, an asus rog strix b450-f gaming motherboard and a g-skill trident z ram (16 gb, 3200 mhz, cl 16). If i select the docp profile in the bois it keeps bootlooping, however if i take the target mhz down to 3000 it works flawlessly. If i add more volt to the memory nothing changes. How could i achieve the rated speed of the ram? Thanks for the answers
  9. I am tempted to get a 2060 super. Off: I'm fine. I married Jenifer. No, there are not new replicators. We are working on a project to rescue Elizabeth. ?
  10. Hi! My 1050 unfortunately died. I am looking forward to upgrade it. Which is the best card which would not be bottlenecked by an it 6500?
  11. Yeah, but the question is, will it run on nvme speeds? Or just sata speeds?
  12. Thanks. I was concerned, because nowhere on the product page can the term 'nvme' be found.
  13. Hi! I am planning a storage update to my pc. I have a gigabyte z170-hd3p otherboard and i have been using sata ssd so far, however now i would like to upgrade to an nvme one. (i am not planning to replace the whole system) Will it work? Thank you for the answers