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  1. How could I use Plex in this context? I don't want to play my music on the android phone. I want to use my phone to start the playback ON the pc.
  2. Hi, Here is my goal: I want to use my Linux pc as a music streamer. I have a usb dac connected to my pc, and i want to use my android phone to play music stored on the PC. (So, I would have an android app which would show my library and I could start a playback from that app (in original quality)) How could I achieve this? And also it would be nice if I could cast Spotify to it. Thank you for the answers
  3. I have added the coolbits option to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. The nvidia-xconfig tool adds the option to the screen, not to device.
  4. It only works (if you use the latest kernel and driver), if you run the xserver as root. Otherwise it doesn't work. And this is the problem I would like to solve. I don't want to run xserver as root, yet I want control over my GPU
  5. I have a problem with my 2070 on Manjaro. I have set the coolbits correctly, yet I am unable to edit the fancurve. However, if I change to a virtual console, and start xorg as root, it works perfectly. How can I solve this? How is it possible to run xorg rootless AND use coolbits?
  6. I had to reinstall my OS. I went with the gnome flavour of manjaro. After boot, it is perfect. However, after a day the UI becomes extremely laggy. I have to restart it (however it is also a fileserver and vpn server so downtime is not good). Any suggestions?
  7. At this time i could not undervolt the gpu. It is stock. I have 175W at my disposal according to greenwithenvy. I cannot make coolbits to work. but working on it
  8. I am using linux and in the spare time i use my 2070 to mine etherium. (I know that it will not make me a fortune) I get around 35-40MH/s Is this expected or shall i tinker with it more?
  9. I see my temps, but it says that I do not have pwm capable fans. What could I do? Is there a kernel trick I could use?
  10. Thanks. I was worried about this: 'It uses the KAuth module of the KDE Frameworks ' I don't know what is the KAuth module.
  11. I am using the gnome flavour. Is it a problem? Would this work?
  12. I have a gigabyte z170hd3pro motherboard. There was a utility for Windows which could control my fan speeds (cpu, aux1, aux2). Is there a way I can do this in Linux? (Bios is not an option. I don't want to reboot to adjust the fan speed) Thanks for the answers Edit: I am using manjaro
  13. Hi! I have a 2070 in my rig and would like to use it to mine something in the spare time. What could be the most profitable? What software do I need?