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  1. Hi, There is several hundred images. I have categorized some of them into directories. However, due to recent back ups, i have a directory wich containes every photo that our familiy has ever made. I need to find out which images has NOT been categorised yet. How can i achieve this?
  2. Sometimes even the landscape mode is broken. Here is a few screenshot
  3. I haven't seen anyone complaining on play store.
  4. Hi, Almost every time, when I leave the YouTube app and the picture in picture windows appears to contain the wrong viewport. Instead of the minimalized image, just a fragment of the big image appears.
  5. I can change my DNS. My problem with the router is that it is a fiber-modem/router/switch/AP combo and the firmware is locked, so I cannot use opensource firmwares/plugins. I will check openDNS.
  6. Hi, would you recommend a fast, free and adblocking DNS server? (The router is an ISP provided one, so cannot fiddle with firmwares and do not want to dedicate hardware for this)
  7. I have no problem with arch, and this is a temporary solution, until I buy a new setup later this year. Thank you for the answer
  8. I need to temporarily repurpose my hardver. I need to set up a file server, Plex media server, VPN server and a VM an in i5 6500. Planning to use arch Linux. Is 1 core enough for the VPN, hypervisor and samba and Plex (without transcoding)
  9. Hi! I have a tv show in 2 editions (1 bluray rip and 1 tv rip). the individual episodes are not the same length (3-4 minitues difference in a 45 min episode). (there is no extra scene) Can (if yes, how) ffmpeg mix the sound from the avi to the mkv file with the correct pace?
  10. Hi, My daily driver laptop is an Acer Aspire A717-71G-72C0, I would like to replace the wificard inside it, but i could not find out what would i need. Original card part number: NC.23611.030 Candidate A: Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 (M.2: CNVio) Candidate B: Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (AX200 Wi-Fi(PCIe), BT(USB)) Candidate B: Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (AX201 M.2: CNVio2) My propblem with the original is that it is slow, and unstable. (and i got a new gigabit ap ). Thank you for the answers
  11. Aside videos (plex) there are important things too (ie.: family photos) so i would like to have redundancy. However, in the future, if i want to enlarge the storage. i would not like to buy 4-5 hdds in order to keep the zfs pools/vdevs nice and tidy.
  12. Shall i raid the the disks (for redundance) and then lvm it? This seems the most cost effective way to do it?
  13. Hi, I am planning to repurpuse my old desktop to a NAS/PlexMediaServer. What would be the most costeffective, flexible and reliable filesystem/raid setup? PS.: i will buy the hdds later, knowing the answer for this question