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  1. I see my temps, but it says that I do not have pwm capable fans. What could I do? Is there a kernel trick I could use?
  2. Thanks. I was worried about this: 'It uses the KAuth module of the KDE Frameworks ' I don't know what is the KAuth module.
  3. I am using the gnome flavour. Is it a problem? Would this work?
  4. I have a gigabyte z170hd3pro motherboard. There was a utility for Windows which could control my fan speeds (cpu, aux1, aux2). Is there a way I can do this in Linux? (Bios is not an option. I don't want to reboot to adjust the fan speed) Thanks for the answers Edit: I am using manjaro
  5. Hi! I have a 2070 in my rig and would like to use it to mine something in the spare time. What could be the most profitable? What software do I need?
  6. What are you talking about? There was one project on GitHub aiming to bring back global menu in GNOME, however that was discontinued because GNOME doesn't export the menu bar any more....
  7. I don't like gnome and as far as I know, gnome doesn't support global menu bar.
  8. I am using Manjaro with KDE. I would like to customize the DE's top panel to behave like unity did. Have a top panel which *Displays the active window *Shows the window decorations (close, minimalize, maximalize button) *Global menu *Hide title bar on maximalized window Thank you for your answers
  9. Hi, I have ripped a TV show from 2 sources (one pal and the other is NTSC). I would like to merge them into a single mkv file. The problem is that the audio tracks are not the same duration. They have different length of padding at amthe end, so if I run the atempo filter, there is a sync issue. How could I fix this issue? (I would prefer a batch solution) Thank you for your answers
  10. I had a clean install for several times. I think i passed the format
  11. Hello, I have a problem. It seems that my laptop has randomly a huge input lag with no apperant reason. Both the mouse and keyboard suddenly gain lag. (i move the mouse / type, but nothing happens. after a while it all happens) I have clean installed several version of windows and gpu drivers (including the latest and 2 decrement), however the problem persist, unlike my teared hair.... Please share any advice, i am out of ideas. My laptop is an acer A717-71G-72C0
  12. Hi, There is several hundred images. I have categorized some of them into directories. However, due to recent back ups, i have a directory wich containes every photo that our familiy has ever made. I need to find out which images has NOT been categorised yet. How can i achieve this?
  13. Sometimes even the landscape mode is broken. Here is a few screenshot
  14. I haven't seen anyone complaining on play store.