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  1. This one https://www.amazon.it/Corsair-Controller-Illuminazione-Controllabili-Singolarmente/dp/B01MYDTC2C/, right? EDIT: is this corsair hub compatible with this https://www.amazon.it/EZDIY-FAB-Combinazione-Cavi-RGB-Controllo/dp/B07NY65KZ6/ ? I have these cables https://www.amazon.it/uphere-ttmod-Sleeved-Cable-alimentatori/dp/B01MZ8A8H9/, but I can't find information about the thickness
  2. Isn't it better in investing in corsair accessories? I read bad reviews about nzxt software
  3. Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong section but I can't find any forum about rgb. Basically, I have a really clean total black build and I want to add some white lightning inside the case. My motherborad is a b450 tomahawk max. I already bought some white psu cable extensions from uphere. Now I need some rgb lights. What do you suggest? I thought about buying some rgb led strips and setting them to white, to problem is that my motherboard has only 2 12v 4 pin rgb slots, so I think I need a controller. Thanks!
  4. why fit in a 3900x when you can put a 2080s?
  5. Hi. I run fans at a "quiet" speeds. Each fan (cpu and system) is running at max 500 rpm. They start ramping up at over 65C.
  6. My CPU idles at 35-42C. While gaming it doesn't go over 60C and with prime65 it hit 75C. Are these temps good? Room temp is 23C. My cpu is ryzen 3600x and the cooler is noctua nh-d15. As thermal paste I used the one in the cpu cooler box from noctua. Thanks
  7. iirc, cv series is not very high quality
  8. I have the h710 and it is very good. Why do you need the i version? "i" is if you want to mount your gpu vertically. the h710 (without i) is fine A friend of mine has the 275r and I have the h710. h710 is a lot better
  9. I bought the uphere cables. I saw some reviews and they seems to be good quality. So I can use them even if I change psu in a future pc build
  10. I'm looking for some good quality PSU extension cable to give my build a nicer look. I found these ones on amazon: upHere ttmod Sleeved Cable 30cm white: 30 euros EZDIY-FAB MOD Sleeved Cable 50cm white: 30 euros linkup 50cm white and black: 50 euros thermaltake 50cm white and black: 50 euros silverstone: 50 euros corsair internal black power cables starter set (not extensions I think, they go directly into the psu): 65 euros I looked for asia horse, cablemods etc but they are not available in my country. Which one would you suggest?
  11. Can you help me understand if it's the new version or the old one? The page of the product is this https://www.amazon.it/Antec-EA650G-alimentatore-computer-Nero/dp/B0773MCJGB/ While the tx650m is this https://www.amazon.it/Corsair-TX650M-Alimentatore-Semi-Modulare/dp/B06W9G6H11/ Is the good version, right? Thanks!
  12. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply 90€ Corsair Rm650x 125€ Corsair Tx650m 94€ EVGA SuperNOVA GQ 116€ And why? I'm leaning towards the antec because it's the cheapest. I need to power a 2070super and a ryzen 5 3600x. If you have any other suggestion in the same price range I'll check and tell you the price (I'm buying from amazon italy) Thanks!
  13. correct, 3600mhz memory. I could consider this change but the price difference will be only 200 euros.