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  1. I recently got the Acer VG240Y P on sale for 192€. Now the VG259Q is on sale for 229€. Should I return my Acer and get the Asus or there aren't major differences? Thanks!
  2. 30$? Idk how much I need to do this. 5 meters rgb strip on aliexpress is like 10$.
  3. Hello, I'd like to put some rgbs under my desk and behind my monitor. I was looking for RGB led strips on aliexpress. I will put 3 rgb strips to have a gradient color effect in order to have a sunset effect: one violet behing my monitor one purple behind my desk one orange under my desk I can connect these RGB strips to my motherboard buuuut in MSI Dragon Center I cannot set different color for each RGB strip. I can set only 1 color for all the rgb strips connected to the 12v headers on my motherboard. How can I achieve this? I have a B450
  4. I have the last question for you my dear how is the trackpad on the t14? Right now I have a mbp which I’ll return today and an old xps 9550 which is still going strong. the trackpad on the mbp is top notch while on the xps is decent. How is it on the t14?
  5. What about the second one here? https://www.lenovo.com/it/it/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x1/X1-Carbon-Gen-8-/p/22TP2X1X1C8 I can get it for 1600 euros with students discount. I know that it runs Intel, but it seems fine. I'm awaiting for your view on this, thanks
  6. On reddit I read that overheats. I do not need all that power. Something less powerful and more premium ? I can live with a quad core processor Idk I'm gonna check all these laptops now.
  7. Okay. The T14 will take 5-6 weeks to get delivered I was wondering if there was an alternative in your list of laptops maybe with a bit more of premium feeling. the t14s I heard that overheats. The t14 has a plastic touchpad and this can be a problem
  8. Which display option do you suggest on the t14? And what about x1 carbon? Thanks
  9. Thanks. I was looking at the T14. Of these laptops which runs cooler? And which do offer a good battery life? Thanks!
  10. Asus website only suggests their online store. I usually use Amazon, Mediaworld and Euronics but I can't find it on these sites
  11. Can you please link it? I'm not able to find it.. On official website these configurations are not listed https://www.asus.com/it/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-G14/Tech-Specs/ Maybe they are not available in my country