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  1. Ok, let me get this straight. You basically dont know what your talking about and your just saying what everyone says without knowing what you are saying. I understand you, its because you dont know in what apple is better and you are just completely biased.
  2. Has a great camera? Galaxy Note 10 | Has a great display? All of samsungs devices | Has a great battery? Mostly androids | Very fast? O+ 7T Pro? Snapdragon 855+? And the "Apple Premium"? You say there's no such thing? Galaxy Note 10+ (Direct Competitor to iPhone 11 Pro Max) 256GB - $639 (Official Samsung site) 512GB - $969 (Official Samsung site) iPhone 11 Pro Max (Direct Competitor to Galaxy Note 10+) 64GB - $1099 256GB - $1249 512GB - $1449 Is there still no "Apple Premium"?
  3. Xiaomi Mi A3 can be a great phone for your grandma! Under 200 Euros - 64GB or 128GB of internal storage - In Display fingerprint scanner - 3 Cameras at the back!
  4. You litteraly said "Android" is "Burning". Also, OP asked was thoose bugs worth giving up for the apple ecosystem, and then Huilun came and gave him more issues about it, and why he shoudlnt. That is totally relevant.
  5. Your explanation is wrong firstly, because then you state iOS is better then Android. And secondary, Hullun was suggesting something to bring him back to Android, and it was relevant, look at it this way: You have a Lamborghini and want to switch to a Ferrari, everyone suggests you how you can move to a Ferrari: but someone suggests that you keep on with your Lamborghini and thats it.
  6. And everyone else beside him is clearly not using this thread as a thinly-veiled attempt at fanning a platform war.
  7. Good choice! The A50 is a very popular phone, and for a reason, its really good (Thats what my friend says which had a A50)
  8. I am seriously not a master of theese stuff under 80 Euros, but here i go: Wireless Earbuds - OnePlus Wireless Bullets (Original or 2) True Wireless Earbuds - Razer Hamerhead True Wireless Earbuds
  9. Or you like a completely biased apple fanboy? iOS is known to be a lot less customizable then Android, and there is totally such a thing the "Apple Premium" when it comes to all of there phones.
  10. I suggest go with the A51 or S10e, or the rumored S10+ Lite.
  11. The J7 Pro was never, ever, marketed as a "Gaming" phone, so thats the first wrong thing here. The J7 Pro isnt a flagship, and therefore also dosnt have a flagship chipset! It runs a Exynos 7XXX, and thats not a high tier of chips. The "J" series are "Decent Budget Phones" - and sometimes they do have potato gaming performance - but that does not mean that its not a "Decent Budget Phone"; "Decent Budget Phones" or "Budget Phones" or not "Gaming Phones" and should not be considered as a phone compatible with Gaming at max settings. You compared it to the poco - so heres a intresting fact you surely didnt know: That Pocophone F1 is more expensive then any Samsung "J", and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, thats literally the last-gen flagship chipset. The "J" series smartphones arent being produced anymore, they were replaced by the A and M series phones. Samsung dosnt choose the price you pay for its phones when you buy through a reseller - the reseller does. You compared the Poco to the J - Guess what??? The Poco is a Xiaomi phone, a known brand for value phones. The J7 Pro is a Samsung phone, a main-stream, more premium brand.
  12. I have 2 keyboards (One i use at home, one more portable one) (Both mechanical) Razer Huntsman Elite (Home) Razer Purple Switches (Thats whats available) (Not really mechanical, its Opto Mechanical) Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma V2 (I separate the wrist rest when travelling) (Travel) Razer Green Switches (Real Mechanichal) As you see i cant exit the Razer ecosystem, Razer Keyboard, Mice, Headset (At least not monitor).