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  1. Oh you are right, I was thinking of the 770s. Personally I don't like a flat curve, its just boring IMO. But honestly I got a killer deal, it was like $60 shipped for a pair with some brainwavez pads too. But super happy with them and don't plan on changing any time soon for my gaming setup anyway. Your sentence structure is confusing. Maybe try using more punctuation friend Your sentence "Why you pick up the 880 instead of the 990." which means 'Why did you choose the dt880s instead of the dt990s?" What I think you meant was " Why did you pick the dt990's over the dt880s?" Just a heads up if you want to be understood a little better.
  2. I used the dt990's, I don't like closed back headphones.
  3. Try installing the same game to your nvme drive, just to see if it still happens. Could be a driver issue with your motherboard for the sata drivers or chipset. Does anything have a yellow triangle in device manager? How much ram do you have? If you wanted to look more into what is causing the issue, get msi afterburner and turn on rivatuner in game statistics. Things to turn on: Gpu usage gpu temps gpu vram usage CPU usage (show every core) Cpu clock speed (to see if its getting to turbo speeds or reducing during a certain point, indicating thermal throttling) RAM usage Disk usage Those would be the most common things to look at. I don't know what the accepted temps for a 5700xt is, but 77c seems pretty high IMO. A more uncommon but still possible thing, bad voltages from the PSU. Could be something you have installed on windows, make sure nothing runs at startup and most services. Worst case, format and re-install.
  4. pc headset history: hyperx cloud logitech 933 audio technica m50x w/modmic shp-9500 w/vmoda mic Beyer Dynamic dt990 250ohm w/wireless modmic so far the BD dt990 is THE BEST for music and gaming. However I think the shp-9500 might be better for competitive play. The 9500's have less bass and although really crisp and detailed, its not as fun to listen to. The dt990's do get warm after a couple of hours, while the 9500's do not. 9/10 would recommend. Running Schitt dac and JDS Atom amp
  5. RGB back plate for your video card, rgb sata cables lol
  6. depending on the amount of power going to the hub (most likely either a 12v or 5v from a power brick), you could splice it into your psu directly and use this on the inside: https://www.amazon.com/Cablecc-Degree-angled-Motherboard-Header/dp/B06Y4NKRPF/ edit: there are also things like this: https://www.amazon.com/Kingwin-KW525-3U3CR-Multi-Function-Transfer-Bandwidth/dp/B01AJTOLRY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=20764JSQTVCE2&keywords=5%2B1%2F4%2Busb%2B3.0%2Bfront%2Bpanel&qid=1574194237&sprefix=usb%2B3.0%2B5%2B1%2F4%2Celectronics%2C131&sr=8-3&th=1
  7. There are plenty of things they could do IMO and still keep it interesting. 1) LTT vs Gamers Nexus 2) build the best pc using only prebuilts as the base (think dell optiplex, hp z420, etc) 3) Have the scrapyard wars like normal but then try and sell the pc, whoever can get back the most wins. But when they go to meet the person, they just give them the system or something different from a sponsor. 4) Have them include a console in the build 5) size minded builds 6) legit scrapyard, only get stuff marked as broken or as is to see what they can repair or get items from broken things 7) one person gets all the stuff, the other person has to build it and vice versa. points based on what they had in mind vs what they did, looks, and the performance points goes to the person who bought the stuff Just some random ideas