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  1. Yup. The 717 is a DC-9 type, then Boeing bought MD. There are a few DC-9's flying in Alaska I hear - cargo.
  2. Colloquially known as the Herb Terd. An insult of respect to the founder of SWA.
  3. It's a cool paintjob, but that flavor of 737 hasn't flown for SWA for 10+ years. the -200 series, while totally dino-jet and badass, they are not efficient anymore. FWIW, the only thing digital on them there planes is usually the copilot's watch.
  4. Alaska has one painted up like their old Alaska Starliner.
  5. Lots of questions for you: What type of computer do you have? What video editing software do you have? How big are the files you are trying to burn to dvd? What resolution are the videos? A
  6. OP: Scientists working with deep learning, folks messing around with large designs that need realtime raytracing, guys that need something to power 16 UHD displays with 4 Q8000s and a Qsync II, CAD, DCC, CGI applications (all the movies we watch), real product support (like a human answers the phone), stability (as in, custom drivers that work because a human knows how to adjust them for the application), more real support, industry certificate standards, stability... And, limited super science vilinary (Master Billy Quizboy has been known to use OTS devices periodically), and can be used for balancing the world's powers at VenTech.