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  1. I have a 4 bay synology now that is full. I like to use plex so i have a lot of movies and tv shows plus my own personal photos, 4k video from over the years etc. I'm using SHR so i only have 1 HDD redundancy, i was using RAID 6 but ran out of space so i switched to SHR. That got me looking at the 12 bay synology but i think i could build one for half the cost easy. I am the only one that uses it..... i actually shut down my NAS when i do not plan to use it. I don't need 12 bays but i want future proof. A cheap AMD and a Cheap vid card to decode one 4k stream should be easy.
  2. The synology NAS have some pretty weak CPU's in them for there price point.
  3. I've had a synology NAS for years it has always worked great but i find my self out of space again. I've been looking at the synology 12 bay NAS but it is over $1,500! I like using 4TB hard drives because of the price. I don't really need 12 bay NAS but i wanted a overkill so it would last longer and could use the cheaper 4TB HD as i go. FreeNAS looks very good but how reliable is it? Can i even find a box to hold 12 HD and a MB that can support that many with it costing less than a synology? I use plex so it would need to do transcoding only one or two 4k streams at a time.
  4. I have a local shared network folder on my Win 10 PC and on the other PC also Win 10 not all the files show. Does that make any sense?
  5. I have 4 computers hooked up to a 4 port HDMI KVM switch. They work fine however one of the computers uses two displays and when connected to the KVM the second display is not detected. The computer with two displays is using a HDMI and display port out with a HDMI adapter for the LCD using onboard intel graphics. Is there anyway around this?
  6. GOW2

    USB hub for desktop

    I ended up buying that one but the damn cable is to short! I ended up buying a longer cable for it.
  7. Does no one use them anymore? All i can find are ones with short cords for laptops. I only need a few ports for thumb drives, usb dvd drives etc Should be usb 3.0 or even C.
  8. What should the temps be at 4.7 Ghz on 100 % load. My friends is at 75C on a 360 AIO. Fans going at 1,000rpm Asus says the temp is 75C using there software and cpuid hwmonitor reports 85c on the package temp. Which one do you go buy?
  9. Everything is set to the defaults, but i will do what you just said. Thanks
  10. It's been awhile since i have messed with intel. CPU runs at 4.2 Ghz on ALL cores, when maxed out 100% cpu usage. What needs to be changed in the bios? This is on a asus Maximus XI Hero. I was under the impression it will boost to 4.6 and if you wanted 5 Ghz it needs OC.
  11. Yes just bought the meshify S2 the other was kinda small! Thanks for the help.
  12. Does the glass side panel come in two different colors? I have seen dark ones and light ones.
  13. Yeah the more i look at it the better it looks lol