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  1. I’ve heard others say that the 9700k isn’t worth it because of its lack of hyperthreading and smt. What is your view on that and am I really missing out going with the 9700k?
  2. Yea my motherboard is a stock one that came with the computer. It’s a horrible Inspiron motherboard, the 4460 is the best processor that I can put on it. That’s why I HAVE to upgrade my motherboard as well.
  3. Okay so assuming I go with the 9700k, what motherboard/cooler would you suggest. I would like to overclock it because it seems wasteful not to. I’ve never water cooled so keep that in mind.
  4. Sorry I did not provide information about how I’m planning on using the computer. I am planning on using it for gaming. No video editing, streaming, or data manipulation. I would like to be able to use other programs while I game, though. Right now, chrome doesn’t function and discord often lags while I am I game because of the 100% cpu usage. Everyone has been telling me Ryzen>Intel right now but it seems like Intel still has an advantage in gaming. What do you think it my best option?
  5. It just kind of hurts my heart not upgrading from 4 core to 8. I want it to feel like a world of a difference, if you know what I mean. The 4460 is so slow, I wanted to go for a high end cpu so I won’t have to experience that anymore. Is the 3600 really close to the 9700k and 3800x?
  6. Really? Even with the 9700k($300), a ~$150 motherboard, and a DRP4. That’s only like 500. I could upgrade the ram with that. Do you think they’re going to release 10th gen soon? If so, I could get a 2060(super maybe) or a 2070 and wait for the cpu. I’ll just bottleneck harder though.
  7. I have been researching for the last 2 months or so and still cannot decide whether to upgrade my pc now or wait. My PC right now is listed: CPU: i5 4460 GPU: GTX 1060 6 GB RAM: 12 GB (No idea the speed) Stock Cooler Power Supply is overkill, something like 700W I am mostly asking about my CPU. My CPU is bottlenecking my GPU pretty hard. For example, when running Modern Warfare, I am at 100% CPU and only 75% GPU. I am probably going to upgrade my GPU next Christmas. I was primarily looking at the 9700k, 9900k, and the 3800x. I have around 500-600 to spend. Would you say to upgrade now? Or wait? Is cyber Monday going to have anything? (Sorry for leaving out some specifics, not home and won’t be for another day or two)
  8. I would prefer to go with intel, and considered the 9900k, but it's at least $100 more and I don't know if a DRP4 can handle the heat it gives off.
  9. I heard about the security issue, didn't dive into it. The 3800 is only about $40 more for me right now and gives .3 ghz more per core. My question is more about the difference between intel 8 8 and amd 8 16 because I know Intel is typically better for gaming.
  10. I currently have a 4460 and I am looking to upgrade my cpu this upcoming Christmas. I have narrowed down my search to either the 9700k or the 3800x. I chose those two because I don't feel like spending a whole lot on water cooling and with those two I think I can still get away with a DRP4. So, which one is better for gaming. When I say gaming, I mean mostly csgo, Modern Warfare, and Siege. I like to run discord in the background as well as chrome. The 3800x has 8 extra threads, but I don't know how much that will help me. Intel seems to perform better in games, but I don't know if the extra 8 threads will make up the difference/make the 3800x a better option.
  11. Coopermar

    Black Friday

    What are you expecting in terms of sales on AMD and Intel Cpus? Specifically, the 9900k, 9700k, 3700x, 3900x.
  12. I'm starting to consider the 9700k instead. How many programs would I have to have open at once to notice the difference between the two? In other words, will chrome/discord/spotify lag while I'm playing/tabbing out?
  13. What do you mean by "crap-bin" 9900k? You mean it gives almost the same performance? How futureproof is the 3700x?
  14. I don't know how much I would be using the multithreading, it just made sense to me that having an extra 8 threads would help run background programs. I think the goal right now is to upgrade my cpu/motherboard now, upgrade ram or something during the year, and then upgrade greaphics either next year or the year after around christmas(hoping new 3000 series comes out or something like that). Do you think the extra 8 threads is worth it? Also, is the 3700x really on the same level given the much lower clock speeds? Sorry for so many questions, I just don't want to have to regret a $700 total purchase.